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Cheetah tattoo


The fastest animal on the planet is the cheetah. He is not like other big cats. Developed musculature, lack of fat deposits, relatively low weight and good aerodynamic properties made the animal unique.

At first glance, the predator looks fragile and incapable of attacking large animals, but as soon as prey appears in the field of view, the first impression is dispelled.

This is a very dangerous opponent, since he is not only capable of developing stunning speed, but also cleverly camouflaging himself, waiting for the victim. Cheetahs are unsurpassed hunters, so back in the 10th century they were used to hunt fallow deer and antelopes.

The meaning of the cheetah tattoo

The use of a cheetah in a tattoo carries a deep meaning. Traditionally, the animal symbolizes speed, striving to achieve goals, some kind of aggression, greatness. According to connoisseurs of the art of tattoos, the meaning of a cheetah tattoo depends on how the animal is depicted. The animal grin in the tattoo symbolizes the aggression and cruelty of the owner of such an image.

An animal in a jump symbolizes the desire to achieve the set goals, activity, dedication. Predators of the feline family are distinguished by greatness. These characteristics carry over to the owner of the tattoo. The image of an animal on a tree or sneaking symbolizes gracefulness, slenderness, agility.

Places of drawing a cheetah tattoo

The predator tattoo is quite popular among girls. It reflects feminine grace, speed in decision-making, wisdom. Usually, the collarbone, abdomen, forearm or thigh are used for such a tattoo.

Photo of cheetah tattoo on body

Photo of a cheetah tattoo on his hands

Photo of cheetah tattoo on leg