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Tattoo Fortune


People at all times believed in good luck and tried to call it to their aid. Even in creativity there is a “bird of happiness”. There are various ways - to use amulets, animals, birds. One of the options is a tattoo of fortune on the body, which will be inseparable from the owner and make his life successful. From the point of view of psychologists, this will bring a person confidence in himself and really help in all endeavors. The goddess of luck was called fortune and was portrayed in mythology with a blindfold. This is where the aphorism comes from: "He who does not take risks does not drink champagne." Due to the inability to see, she might not notice people calling her for help.

Fortune tattoo options

The meaning of a fortune tattoo is the same - it invokes good luck in life, helps in all matters. Different cultures have used a variety of ways to depict good luck tattoos.

  • The Celt used the four-leaf clover, which is extremely rare in nature.
  • In China, people believe in a lucky number.
  • Europeans use a horseshoe as a symbol. It is believed that if you hang it over the door, it will not only bring good luck, but also protect.
  • Hieroglyphs are often used to symbolize the word "happiness", "luck" or inscriptions in Latin. You should be careful with hieroglyphs and consult with experts, since any wrong dash can radically change the meaning.
  • The wheel of fortune as a tattoo is designed not only to bring good luck, but also symbolizes the fickleness of fate.
  • Dice and cards are also associated with luck.
  • Some people prefer to proceed from the opposite and use symbols that carry a negative meaning as a fortune tattoo.

Photos of fortune tattoos show how diverse they can be in shape, size, location and color. They are used by representatives of any gender and age. Whichever option a person chooses, everything will depend on his belief in the power of a tattoo and its influence on fate.

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Photo of fortune tattoo on body

Photo of a fortune tattoo on his hands

Photo of fortune tattoo on the leg