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Blooming apple tree tattoo


For a long time, such a seemingly ordinary tree like an apple tree has been considered a strong enough image that helps to develop and strengthen magical abilities.

The meaning of a blooming apple tree tattoo

Also, the apple blossom is considered a symbol of youth, female beauty and purity of thoughts.

In Russian epics, the apple tree is exactly the tree on which the firebird built its nest. And the image of an apple branch is a symbol of the Greek goddess Nemesis, whom she paid for entering Elysium.
In the Slavic culture, great importance was attached to the flowering apple branch in wedding ceremonies, which was woven into the bride's wreath.
In China, the apple tree flower is considered a symbol of peace.

Blossoming apple tree tattoo places

An unusually sophisticated flowering apple branch will look on a woman's collarbone, emphasizing the elegance and fragility of the owner.
The apple blossom flower wreath looks great on a woman's ankle or forearm.

Apple branch image suitable for tall fragile girls with long hair, fair-haired or blondes prone to hoax.
Brown-haired women, brunettes, as well as owners of curvaceous forms should pay attention to the place of tattooing on the entire surface of the right side (from the armpit to the thigh). In this case, you should no longer draw a branch of an apple tree, but a flowering tree as a whole.

The right side of the drawing was not chosen by chance. On the right is the heart, and unlike the apple branch, which symbolizes youth and purity, the whole tree means motherhood, fertility, constancy. Well, where else could he be, if not at the very heart?

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the image of an apple tree is a purely female version of a tattoo, but this is not the case. For men, the image of a fruiting tree is suitable, which symbolizes respect for the mother, memory. In this case, large tattoos look more advantageous, which can be applied to the entire surface of the back, or to the lateral surface of the leg (from the knee to the lower back).

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Photo of a blooming apple tree tattoo on the body

Photo of a blooming apple tree tattoo on the arm

Photo of a blooming apple tree tattoo on the leg