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Pharaoh tattoo


Consider the meaning of the pharaoh tattoo. What does it mean on a male or female body?

Who makes pharaoh tattoos?

This unusual drawing came to us from Ancient Egypt and adorned the walls of tombs long before the advent of our era. Pharaoh is an Egyptian king, a member of the royal family. Pharaoh in Egypt was equated with God, he ruled over the people not only all earthly life, but also in the other world. Therefore, in the data of the picture, first of all, great power and immortality are encrypted.

Such tattoos are done by people of strong spirit, striving for power, leadership and immortality of the soul.

What does a pharaoh tattoo mean for a man?

For a man, a pharaoh tattoo means strength, courage, immortality. On a man's body, such a pattern can mean:

  • self-confidence;
  • courage;
  • striving for a goal;
  • fearlessness;
  • obsession

A tattoo depicting a pharaoh emphasizes masculinity, it is quite possible that the owner of such a tattoo has a high opinion of himself.

What does a pharaoh tattoo mean for a woman?

Despite the fact that the figure of the pharaoh itself is a more masculine figure, many brave girls adorn their bodies with Egyptian symbols and images of kings.

On a woman's body, this tattoo can mean:

  • female independence;
  • strong character, courage;
  • striving to be the first.

If the girl's body depicts the Egyptian queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra, on the contrary, it emphasizes the femininity and beauty of the girl who needs the powerful shoulder of the pharaoh.

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Which option to choose?

There are a huge number of tattoo options and in different styles. These can be realistic drawings, geometry, or even trash polka. Here you should take a good look at the examples and choose the style that you like.

As for the composition, then the choice should be approached more carefully.

Pharaohs are often depicted in conjunction with scarabs. The presence of such a sign speaks of immortal life on the other side of death.

The image of the pharaoh with the face of death or a skull, as in the first case, speaks of an immortal afterlife.

The image against the background of the pyramids and the sun speaks of a calmer, more balanced character.

What part of the body should be "stuffed"?

A tattoo depicting a pharaoh for men looks good:

  • on the chest;
  • on the back;
  • on the neck;
  • on the shoulder

If the tattoo is supposed to be small in the "Geometry" style (which is very suitable for girls), then it will look great on the wrist.

The trash polka will look good on the chest and wide shoulder.

Before deciding on such a serious step and getting a tattoo, look at examples of images with the pharaoh, choose a style that you like, ask the master to draw a sketch for a specific part of the body.

Photo of pharaoh tattoo on body

Photo of a pharaoh tattoo on his hands

Photo of Pharaoh tattoo on head

Photo of Pharaoh tattoo on leg