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The next article will discuss what a tattoo with the inscription ACAB is, what does it mean and who makes such tattoos? How important is it to know the meaning of the tattoo before going to the master?

What is “ACAB” tattoo?

The ASAB tattoo came to us from British prisons and it means - "all cops are bastards" (all cops are bastards). After the appearance of Western films about colonies, prisons, the ASAB tattoo, beloved by European prisoners, was popularized in Russia as well. Of course, in Russia, among young people, this is nothing more than a trend of Western culture.
Sometimes, instead of letters, numbers are beaten, corresponding to their numbers in the alphabet, in order to classify the meaning from strangers and it turns out "1312"

What does "ASAB" tattoo mean for men?

This tattoo is popular primarily among young guys. In some cases, for them, this may mean:

  • values ​​freedom;
  • has a hot blooded and rebellious character;
  • goes against the government;
  • hates the police;
  • was involved in criminal cases, or served time.

But in most cases, young guys just want to be cool, like the heroes of their favorite films, and such a tattoo on their body is nothing more than imitation of Western idols.

What does “ACAB” tattoo mean in women?

Girls rarely make such a tattoo for themselves, the only exception is that the fair sex has a rebellious character.
As a rule, this tattoo for girls is performed with a mixture of the Cecano style, in bright colors, where red is always present. What can this mean for a girl:

  • hot blood;
  • rebellious nature;
  • the ability to stand up for yourself.
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But basically, not every girl knows the hidden meaning of this tattoo, but simply, seeing a beautiful combination of letters, makes herself similar.

Which ASAB tattoo to choose and where to beat?

Tattoos ASAB in the classic prison version are beaten by men on the fingers. But also this tattoo can be seen:

  • of lives;
  • on the shoulder;
  • On the hand;
  • on the chest;
  • under the knee.

The font itself is usually chosen to be Gothic, it suits well for the given lettering. Dots must be put between the letters: A.S.A.V. Sometimes this inscription can be seen vertically.
The tattoo can be made in the form of a stamp, a seal, or in the format of a large color drawing with a plot, which depicts a prison, bars, police or a wolf's mouth.
It is recommended that you first study the meaning before getting such tattoos. Perhaps there will be no problems on the territory of the CIS, but when meeting with a foreigner from Western Europe or the United States, an awkward situation cannot be avoided.

Photo of acab tattoo on head

Photo of acab tattoo on body

Photo of acab tattoo on hands

Photo of acab tattoo on legs