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Alpha and omega tattoo


The letters of the Greek alphabet are very often used in tattoos. Alpha is the beginning of the alphabet and omega is the end. These two letters are very rarely applied separately.

The Greeks believed that the goddesses Moira decide when a person is born and dies. They also attributed to them the creation of the alphabet. Many people find a deep meaning in this, which ultimately leads to a tattoo parlor.

The meaning of the alpha and omega tattoo

The symbols of the alphabet are chosen for themselves by people inclined to philosophical reflection and the search for truth.

Deep symbolism lies in the fact that alpha and omega are the first and last letters of the alphabet. Words from the Bible come to mind that God is the beginning and end of everything. According to Greek philosophers, alpha symbolizes the spiritual essence of being, while the omega tattoo symbolizes corporeality. The answer to one of the main philosophical questions lies in the combination of symbols. Only a select few can find the answer to this question.

Alpha and omega tattoo sites

Most often, these letters are depicted at the same time. The tattoo is placed either on both arms or on the lower leg. Sometimes letters are combined into one drawing. Tattooing is more characteristic of men than women, since males are more inclined to think about the truth, about the eternal. It is quite difficult to find a philosopher woman, alpha and omega tattoos are not in great demand among the fair sex.

Photo of alpha and omega tattoo on hands

Photo of alpha and omega tattoo on legs