Are you ready to test your knowledge in the field of tattoos? 18 questions await you, let's see what you are capable of!
What types of tattoo machines are NOT used by modern tattoo artists?

What is this guy's nickname


What is this style called?


Until what age is it allowed to get tattoos in Russia without parental consent?

On which continent did the Santa Muerte style originate?

Dotwork is:

What are the time intervals for measuring the time spent with a tattoo artist?

Whose tattoo adorned the face of one of the characters in the movie "Hangover in Vegas"?


What are the 3 letters written on the other (left) side of the girl's face?


What is the name of the art of temporary henna tattoo that came from India?

What kind of famous person is used in this tattoo?


What kind of ointment is used to heal tattoos?

Which of the following body parts is considered the most painful process of tattooing?

What numbers did rapper Oksimiron get on his neck with a tattoo?

What type of cross is depicted on the shoulder of actor Dmitry Nagiyev?

Which tattoo is classified as an army one?

Remember the inscription surrounding the tattoo with a horseshoe on the shoulder of the American singer Amy Winehouse?

What style are the works of the Italian artist and tattoo artist Pie tro Sedda?


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