The Hanged Man is a card related to the astrological sign of Water. This card is marked with the number 12.

What the Hanged Man in the Tarot Shows - Card Description

On the "Executioner" card, we most often see a young man suspended upside down by his left leg with his hands behind his back. A characteristic feature of the image presented on the Hanged Man's Card is that the face of the hanged figure does not express suffering.

The human image is often associated with the Norse god Odin hanging from the Yggdrasil tree.

Modern versions of the tarot depict a man hanging upside down on one leg. The figurine is most often hung on a wooden beam (like a cross or gallows) or on a tree. Often there is a halo (halo) around the head of a hanged man, which means higher science or enlightenment.

The image of this tarot card shows the art, the image Infamous painter .

This method of hanging was a common punishment for stewards in Italy. However, the expression on the hanged man's face suggests that he is here of his own free will, and the card itself is intended to denote sacrifice, satisfaction, and not corporal punishment or violence.

Meaning and symbolism - fortune telling

The Hanged Man Tarot card symbolizes rest, stagnation, concentration, isolation, and inaction. She is often associated with a person reflecting on their problems.

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