The Hermit is a card associated with an astrological girl. This card is marked with the number 9.

What Eremita represents in the Tarot - card description

On the map of the Hermit, we most often see an old man holding a cane in one hand, and a luminous lantern with a six-pointed star in the other. In the background is a wasteland field. There is a mountain range just beyond the wasteland.

The Lantern of Eremita is the Lamp of Truth (hourglass in some decks) used to guide the unenlightened. He holds the stick of the patriarch, which helps him walk the narrow paths in search of enlightenment. His coat is a display of discretion.

Meaning and symbolism - fortune telling

The hermit card (old man) in the Tarot symbolizes, first of all, experience, wisdom, as well as the ability to make important decisions and loneliness. The map is associated with an interest in science, magical arts and the search for truth. In the opposite position, the meaning of the card also changes to the opposite - then it means stupidity, inexperience.

Representation in other decks: