• Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Arch Number: 15
  • Hebrew letter: E (аджин)
  • Overall value: illusion

The devil is a card associated with the astrological capricorn. This card is marked with the number 15.

What the devil represents in the Tarot - a description of the cards

The Devil card, like other cards of the Great Arcana, differs significantly from deck to deck.

In the Ryder-Waite-Smith deck, the image of the devil is partially taken from Eliphas Levi's famous Baphomet illustration. In the Ryder-Waite-Smith belt, the devil has harpy legs, ram horns, bat wings, an inverted pentagram on his forehead, a raised right hand, and a lowered left hand holding a torch. He sits on a square plinth. Chained to the pedestal are two naked human demons with tails.

Many modern tarot decks depict the Devil as a satyr-like creature.

Meaning and symbolism - fortune telling

The Devil's card in the Tarot symbolizes evil. The overall meaning of this card is negative - it means destruction, violence, harm to others - this may be associated with black magic.

Representation in other decks: