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Narcological center in Kyiv


The use of tobacco, alcohol, cannabis and other drugs is a major public health problem. Given their prevalence and the prevalence of comorbidities in the general population, and therefore among your patients, you, as first line specialists, have an important role to play in identifying, managing and preventing your patients' addictive behaviors. Your consultations are an important opportunity to discuss with them at least once a year the issue of addictive behavior (with or without psychoactive substances), regardless of the initial reason for the consultation. Narcological center in Kiev is ready to help!

Narcological center in Kyiv

What are the signs of addiction

Behavioral changes: The behavior of a person with drug addiction may change. A person can become irritable, impulsive, withdraw into himself, neglect his appearance and hygiene, etc.

Loss of interest: Addiction changes overnight, a person's interest in activities and hobbies that were once enjoyable.

Physical signs: Addicts often have red eyes or dilated pupils, lack of sleep but extreme fatigue, dry mouth, confusion of speech and gestures, etc.

The reasons for addiction can be anything from the environment in which a person grew up to genetics or dating. It is important to know how to recognize the state of our consumption in order to prevent addiction.

The clinic for the treatment and coding of alcoholism in Kyiv provides the following services:

Coding from all types of alcoholism (male, female, beer, drunken, chronic).

Working with a psychotherapist to eliminate or level the causes of alcoholism.

Harmful habits like alcoholism, smoking, gambling and neurosis. Often these problems come in combination - for example, wanting to “fill in” minor hardships with alcohol, subsequently a person begins to need more powerful adaptogens. And this, in turn, leads to health disorders, mental disorders, and various neuroses. In fact, our center is several clinics united under one roof for comprehensive care for patients.

Smoking treatment clinic – services:

  • Replacement therapy for smoking.
  • Psychotherapeutic coding for smoking.
  • Also, the clinic for the treatment of neurosis provides the following services:
  • Obsessional neuroses.
  • panic disorder.
  • Neurasthenia, depressive neurosis.

This center provides services to get rid of computer, gaming addiction. Narcologists work in a team with fellow psychotherapists and doctors of other specializations in order to take into account the patient's condition to the fullest extent, find the causes of his painful addiction and adequate to the specific situation.

The specialists in this clinic are well aware that drug treatment and getting rid of the actual medical consequences of abuse is only the first step towards recovery. A return to the previous "aggregate state" - to an uninteresting job, boring family life, to friends who have similar alcoholic or gambling passions - will lead to relapses, so the work of a psychotherapist is aimed not just at coding, but at finding the causes and solving the problem that caused it. ailment. Contact this center and be healthy!