How much does a tattoo cost

Cost: rub.

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How are tattoo prices calculated?

Of course, our calculator will not be able to guess for sure how much you will have to pay for a new tattoo. In different countries, cities, regions and tattoo studios, prices can vary significantly. In this short article, we'll explain how the cost of a tattoo is usually calculated. There are several assessment methods.

  1. In terms of complexity and volume.
  2. In this case, the master assesses the complexity and painstaking work to be done, taking into account style, tattoo size, number of colors, layers and so on... Many consider this method of assessment to be the most correct and fair. Others argue that for a truly professional master, stylistics and other technical aspects do not matter much, and complex work in realism is done as easily as hieroglyphs and inscriptions.

  3. By time.
  4. Today, this is the most popular assessment method used by most tattoo parlors. When you ask the question, how much does my tattoo cost, you are told how long the work will take, and based on this, the cost is determined. In this case, there are also two ways:

  • the number of hours is estimated;
  • the number of sessions is estimated.

A session is essentially 1 day of work. It can be 2,3,4 hours, in different places - in different ways. The point is that when calculating the cost of a tattoo, it is determined how many sessions are required for your work, and the number of sessions is multiplied by the standard cost of a session.

For example, a session costs 5000 rubles, and your tattoo will need 2 sessions, so you will have to pay 5000 * 2 = 10000 rubles for a tattoo.

  • By mood.
  • Of course, this is a slightly exaggerated formulation. It means that in this case there are no clear calculation formulas, and the tattoo artist or studio determines the cost of your tattoo based on the experience of previous work and some other factors. However, as a rule, all three of the above calculation methods give more or less similar results.