Photos of partakas - section with the most terrible tattoos

We prepared this section reluctantly, pursuing one single goal - to show you how not to do it! This is what happens if you entrust your body in the hands of a non-professional, try to tattoo yourself or do it in places of detention. It is portacs gave rise to a lot of stereotypes regarding tattooed people, as a result of which the majority are negatively disposed towards underwear designs.

Before showing you a photo of selected portacas, I earnestly ask: do not save on tattoos, they will stay with you forever! Think over the idea of ​​a tattoo, choose a high-quality sketch and go to a professional master who is able to fulfill your idea.

eyeball tattoo 1
Eyeball tattoo

Is a new type of tattoo dangerous for health?

Places for tattoos

How to decide where to get a tattoo? We will help you!

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