Tattoo Knowledge Test Answers

Question 1

The answer is gasoline. You can read more about tattoo equipment in this article.

Question 2

His nickname is Zombie Fight. About him we have separate material.

Question 3

The style is called Handpoke. You can see more photos and learn more about it here.

Question 4

The answer is under 18

Question 5

Homeland of Santa Muerte - South America

Question 6

Dotwork - drawing with dots

Question 7

The answer is a session

Question 8

The answer is Mike Tyson. We wrote about the meaning of his tattoos here.

Question 9

The answer is Lan, together we get the inscription Ruslan

Question 10

The answer is Mehendi. We write in detail about this art in this article.

Question 11

In the photo - Merlin Monroe. We posted more photos with her portrait on this page.

Question 12

Bepanten ointment is used for healing

Question 13

Rib tattoos are considered the most painful. More about them - here.

Question 14

Answer - 1703. More about Oksimiron tattoos - in this article.

Question 15

The answer is Catholic. More in article.

Question 16

The blood group belongs to the army. We wrote about this here.

Question 17

Daddy's girl. All Amy tattoos can be viewed here.

Question 18

The answer is surrealism. Find out more about this direction in this stuff.

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