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Male and female belly tattoos


Tattoos on a flat and toned belly always look elegant and sexy. However, due to significant restrictions, few people can afford such beauty.

In the article, along with a selection of photos and sketches of tattoos on the stomach, we will tell you how to choose body pictures for a complex area of ​​the body.

In various communities and social networks dedicated to body painting, women's tattoos in the lower abdomen are often discussed. Indeed, this is a fairly good choice for a girl who wears short outerwear and thereby demonstrates her tattoo.

But you need to make a reservation about the disadvantages of tattoos on the stomach, which primarily concern women.

Men's belly tattoos

Many men choose large images and subjects, despite the fact that the belly is one of the painful places for tattooing. The range of colors can be different: from bright colors to shades. In body drawings, the stronger sex personifies courage, resilience and determination.

Unlike women, they tattoo their upper abdomen, often extending to the chest, back, and armpits. Symbols, gothic images, inscriptions, predators look good. It turns out original when the tattoo is placed on the entire area from the chest to the lower abdomen on one side.

Men often choose underwear picture of the skull, less often spiders and other insects. The large territory of the abdomen is conducive to the design of various plots: military fights, mythical heroes, as well as some army images. However, such signs should be approached with caution: according to army customs, only "grandfathers" can fill a rocket with barbed wire and a blood group.

Belly tattoos for girls

Women's tattoos look sophisticated and mysterious. Depending on the composition, they are placed in the lower abdomen, on the sides, around the navel, less often on top. The fair sex mainly focuses on small images, maximum on a pattern, ornament, flower garland or sakura twig. Too voluminous female tattoos on the belly fill a few.

A cat or panther looks mysterious and sexy, flowers with patterns are exquisite, swallows are a symbol of devotion and family. Body drawings embody simplicity, reflect the peculiarity of character and temperament. Often, girls stuff bows, stars, animals on the side or lower abdomen, firebird, butterflies, poppies, clovers, as well as lizards and ladybirds. Various hieroglyphs, quotes with aphorisms that have deep meaning are relevant. The cat's paw is perceived as a talisman and means good luck.

If you choose the right image and apply it from the navel to the side and waist, then you can focus on a beautiful figure. A flexible twig with bright colors or an intricate pattern will accentuate a thin waistline and a toned tummy. Snakes and lizards, signs of the zodiac are also relevant. Symmetrical patterns that are opposite each other and can be of different color shades also look beautiful and mysterious. Original girls choose sketches of tattoos on the belly of a male theme: weapons.

Patterns around the navel look unusual and attractive, especially if it is decorated pierced... Tattoos in the form of a belt or around the waist are effective, especially climbing plants with flowers or a snake.

What are the restrictions on belly tattoos for girls?

  • Body painting will look beautiful only on a flat and toned stomach.
  • Application of images painful enough... Anesthesia, alcohol and pain relievers are strongly discouraged. This can complicate the procedure, the wound will take a long time to heal, and the picture may turn out to be pale and with blurred contours.
  • The abdominal muscles are soft, making it difficult to apply complex compositions and patterns. It is better to choose a simple image or ornament. Paintings with fine details and Celtic and Polynesian styles will not work. This also applies to men's belly tattoos.
  • Weight gain and age-related changes in the skin of the abdomen lead to a distortion of the pattern. Operations can also spoil the image, therefore, if you have not yet had appendicitis removed, it is better not to do a tattoo in this place.
  • During pregnancy and after childbirth, including a cesarean section, the body picture can stretch, break off, and stretch marks will be visible.

It is difficult to fix such defects: laborious, painful and expensive. In some cases, after the baby is born, the tattoo at the bottom of the navel may not change. It is best to get girls tattoos on their belly after giving birth, when they no longer plan to become pregnant.

The advantages of tattoos on this part of the body are small, but significant. With their help, you can mask birthmarks and scars, white drawings are especially beautiful. They are discreet, they look aesthetically pleasing and feminine, but they stand out clearly on the flesh-colored skin.

Body care

The wound heals after drawing the drawing for 4-8 weeks, depending on the careful care of the tattoo and the characteristics of the body. Do not wear tight clothing so as not to remove the resulting crust. For several weeks, it is not recommended to actively bend over so that the muscles do not contract and wounds do not open, as well as sleep on your stomach. Avoid dusty work, do not overwork, do not run or jump, do not need to climb stairs.

In order for a tattoo on a stomach to remain beautiful and attractive for a long time, men and women need to watch out for:

  • for health, avoid stressful situations;
  • for weight, so as not to gain extra pounds and not lose weight;
  • lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • do sport.



Photo of tattoo on stomach for men

Photo of a tattoo on a woman's stomach