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Tattoo on the wrist for brave girls and guys


The wrist is a great place for miniature body paintings. In the article we will tell you how to choose a good sketch of a tattoo, what you need to consider when choosing, and also provide an original selection of photos.

Pictures on the wrist look very impressive, but before deciding on this step, you need to take into account a few nuances.

  • The scale of the picture. On this part of the hand, small works in black and in multi-colored shades look good. However, do not make them too bright and large, otherwise they will not look very aesthetically pleasing. The picture can be extended to the palm and fingers or to the elbow joint. It is customary not to place a drawing on the bend: over time, it can smear and turn into a dirty spot.
  • Drawing subject. Don't use cartoon characters. Wrist - open body area, any inscription or picture will complement the image and affect the attitude of others to your person. It is better to give preference to semantic drawings in which there is no ambiguity. If this is important to you, see if the selected image is in criminal wrist tattoos... Pay special attention to musical instruments, treble clef, spider, cross, crown.
  • Anatomical features. On the wrist, in many individuals, the veins are too close to the skin. Some are afraid that the master may damage the vessel, but this is impossible if an experienced professional is working. If the veins are too large and bulging, it is better to apply a three-dimensional image, because the inscription may be slightly distorted.
  • Hygiene. A tattoo on the wrist focuses on the hands, so they should be in perfect condition, especially manicure and skin.
  • Age-related changes. First of all, this applies to women, because over time, the skin fades, wrinkles appear.
  • The practicality of a tattoo on the wrist. The body image on this part of the hand may fade over time, and the contours become blurry. This is influenced by solar radiation, detergents, chlorinated water, and more. Not all masters are ready to update your picture.
  • Does it hurt? Getting a tattoo on your wrist is painful enough, but tolerable. There are few nerve endings here, so the sensation will not be the same as in the armpit or ribs. Much depends on the choice of pattern: if the bracelet passes near the bones, the pain will intensify.

Wrist tattoos for men

Men choose more aggressive designs: skulls, predators, birds. The image of a wolf looks original, falcon, eagle and crow. Some personalities stuff barbed wire or imitation clock... Celtic and Polynesian patterns look exclusive, they emphasize masculinity and strength. Outrageous individuals opt for realistic pictures in the style of biomechanics or inflict scars and wounds. The sewn-on brush looks interesting when the threads pull together the skin.

Men often choose inscriptions on the back of the wrist: the name of a loved one, children, a short sentence in English or Latin. Good at it paired images, when the phrase is divided into two parts and applied from the inside to both hands. Paired pictures look interesting, making up a nice image from two parts, you can apply geometric shapes and abstraction. Often men's wrist tattoos are a continuation of the image, it starts from the forearm or elbow, and ends on the wrist.

Women's wrist tattoos - grace and grace

Small tattoos on the wrist are very suitable for girls, they give the image a slight playfulness and romanticism. Bracelets and watches, jewelry and ribbons are relevant. A feather or a snake that wriggles around the hand looks beautiful. Hearts, bows, cats, butterflies are popular. It looks interesting for girls on the wrist tattoo birds flying up, or starfall interspersed with cosmic dust. Often, beauties choose a pigeon, swallow, hummingbird, miniature firebird.

Celtic patterns look elegant, especially when dipped onto a brush. They add charm and accentuate the delicate and delicate handles. Flowers of pastel shades are often found: tribal, roses, lilies, orchids. Trees are also relevant: birch or willow. If you choose the right picture, then they will look graceful and feminine. Outrageous individuals choose skulls and predators.

Can choose on the wrist beautiful infinity sign tattoo, which means striving for growth and movement, constant self-improvement. You can insert an inscription, a heart, cat paws into it. The color of the picture is often chosen black, but the blue pigment also looks good. Sometimes the preference is given to double infinity: the Tibetan knot (shrivatsa), which means the desire for knowledge. Various tattoo inscriptions with a translation on the wrist, phrases, hieroglyphs, dates of pleasant events are also relevant among girls, create a mysterious image and grace.

Features of care

A tattoo on the wrist heals from 5 days to a month. It all depends on the characteristics of the body and the volume of the drawing. You need to gently wash your hands and make sure that no water gets on the wound. In the next couple of weeks, you can not overextend the brush, lift weights. Protect the tattoo from steam or spices while cooking. It is better not to bend the hand or clench it into a fist, so that the wound heals faster, since the veins and veins are close to the surface of the skin. It is undesirable to wear bracelets and watches, otherwise you can catch the crust and spoil the contours of the image. Clothing should be short-sleeved and made from natural fabric only.



Photo of tattoo on wrist for men

Photo of a tattoo on the wrist for women