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Photo of tattoo behind the ear


The fair sex went beyond ear piercing and piercing.

Today, tattoo behind the ear for girls is gaining more and more popularity in tattoo parlors. The advantages of such an image are obvious.

Firstly, the small size - the drawings on the ear are always very compact and are not visible at first glance, which does not attract too much attention and does not interfere with work. Moreover, if necessary, they can be easily hidden behind the hair, which makes such an adornment quite practical. Agree, an excellent solution for those who either hesitate to publicly demonstrate their tattoo, or for some other reason does not want to show it to the public.

Secondly, originality - the fashion for such tattoos appeared relatively recently, and the place behind the ear is still considered original and unusual. Thirdly, freedom of choice - despite the fact that the image behind the ear should be small, girls often apply familiar drawings that are applied on other parts of the body. These can be pretty standard female sketches: butterflies, stars, various flowers, notes, and so on.

The place behind the ear is perfect suitable for hieroglyphs - such a tattoo can be very small, even microscopic, but at the same time have a deep meaning. From time to time you can find small inscriptions in these places, for example, the names of loved ones in the background hearts or clouds.

It is especially worth highlighting the insanely beautiful 3D tattoos, a striking example of which is the image of a spider. This rather extreme and extraordinary solution is more suitable for a guy than a girl, but it looks really cool. If there is a pattern behind the ear, it it is recommended to make a semicircular... This technique will accentuate the shape of the posterior surface of the auricle and create symmetry. Well, let's summarize a little.

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It remains to add that a tattoo behind the ear is a painful event, and many girls will have a hard time. But art requires sacrifice, and for the sake of a beautiful tattoo you can endure. Do you agree? Write in the comments!


Photo of tattoo behind the ear for men

Photo of tattoo behind the ear for women