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Male and female foot tattoos


The underwear picture on the foot looks attractive and always attracts the attention of others. How to choose a beautiful tattoo for girls and men and what should be considered when choosing? We will tell you about all the nuances in our article and provide original photos with sketches.

The small area of ​​the foot does not allow for large compositions, but the pattern can be extended to the ankle and higher to the knees. It is worth remembering that even a small image emphasizes the legs, so they should always be well-groomed.

Before applying a tattoo on the sole, you need to clean the place with a pumice stone so that the master can easily reach the desired layer of skin. It is important not to forget about hygiene after the procedure, because the skin in this place is constantly updated and thickened, the pattern will be difficult to see.

Does it hurt?

It is quite painful to get a tattoo on the foot, since the bones are located close to the skin, there is practically no fatty layer. There are many nerve endings in the groove between the toe and heel, so there will be the most unpleasant sensations. You will have to endure when the master will apply the image near the ankle and fingers, but each person has his own pain threshold.

Men's foot tattoos

For men, inscriptions along the foot in Arabic or English are well suited. Outrageous and extraordinary personalities choose unusual tattoos on the feet: the paws of predatory animals, imitation of the limbs of a skeleton or a robot.
Puzzles look interesting when part of the sea or island is visible under them. Popular images of skulls, scorpions and muzzles of animals or birds. Pictures can be colorful and vibrant, or in black shades.

Celtic and Polynesian patterns and ornaments look good. They can start at the knees and descend to the feet as part of a drawing or as a separate element. Some men prefer tattoos in the form of symbols and hieroglyphs. Paired tattoos on the foot for men also look original, which individually do not lose their essence, but together are combined into an intricate composition.

Women's foot tattoos - elegance and femininity

Women's tattoo inscription on the foot looks exquisite and gives a touch of mystery. A quote or life motto in foreign languages ​​is applied along the foot from the outside or inside. The inscriptions also look original near the base of the fingers in the form of a semicircle. The phrases emphasize the ideal leg line if they start from the toes and end with a narrow strip near the knee. It is better to approach the choice of the font responsibly: you can choose the shape of the letters for the character, emphasize the essence of the line with a small drawing. It is better not to use characters that are too small or replace with a thin pattern.

Indian ornaments that are applied to the entire surface of the upper part of the foot look feminine. This procedure is a little painful, which is why some girls depict temporary tattoo with henna.

Beauties get a tattoo on their feet in the shape of a rabbit, symbolizing intuition and happiness. Recently, the image of nesting dolls has come into fashion, as a sign of pride in their nation. Glamorous representatives of the fair sex draw on their legs the logos of their favorite brands from the world of perfumery, clothing, footwear.

The inscription or ornament around the bone from the outside looks original. Small wearable pictures on the foot or sole are also popular: stars, flowers, hearts, cats and butterflies. A string of birds flying towards the ankle looks beautiful. Often there are women's tattoos on the foot in the form of a clover, pictures in the Egyptian style, horseshoes to attract good luck and luck.

Many girls fill symmetrical and bright drawings of birds, lip prints, wings. Attention is drawn to bracelets on the ankle, a multi-colored feather located on top or along the foot. Shocking personalities use pictures of a skull, cat faces or a realistic female eye. Often, stocking patterns or large compositions starting at the thigh end on the feet. If you choose the right underwear picture, you can successfully emphasize the line of the foot and give the image sexuality and femininity.

When choosing a tattoo on the sole, you need to take into account the presence of flat feet, otherwise the pattern will quickly be erased. If the girl's leg is too high, it is better not to apply the pattern to the toe area.

Features of care

It is better to get a tattoo on the foot in the summer, because after the procedure it will not be easy to put on shoes for a week. During the rehabilitation period, it is better to walk in slippers or sandals without heels and platforms. If you need to go outside with closed shoes, be sure to wear two pairs of socks!

It is undesirable to walk a lot, since all the load goes on the lower part of the leg, and it is also not recommended to lift weights and be in a dusty room. In the summer, you need to do wet cleaning more often, protect the tattoo on the foot from direct sunlight. Summarize:


Photo of a tattoo on the foot