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Male and female rib tattoos


Body paintings on the side are an opportunity to emphasize the dignity of the figure and express your uniqueness.

In this section, we will offer beautiful photos and sketches for rib tattoos, for women and men. We will also tell you which images will decorate the body, and which will be inappropriate.

Basically, drawings are applied for the sake of beauty, to give the image more sexuality, emphasis on the ideal figure. A correctly selected picture will help to hide the imperfections of the body, and an unsuccessful composition, on the contrary, so you should always listen to the master.

When choosing a drawing, take into account the build of the body: bulky, colorful and dense tattoos on the ribs are not suitable for thin and slender individuals. Small drawings are not always advantageous either: here it is better to choose the golden mean.

Do not forget that this part of the body undergoes age-related changes: excess fat is deposited on the waist and hips, the skin stretches, the muscles lose elasticity over time. So that the tattoo on the side of men and girls pleases for a long time with its clear contours, you need to go in for sports, monitor your weight.

You need to apply a picture on a prepared body: if you plan to lose a couple of kilograms, you should not do this after a tattoo! It can shrink, turn into a multi-colored spot. It is not recommended to choose designs with small details, especially in the lower torso.

Side tattoos are clearly visible both from the front and from the back, so it is worth considering drawings on other parts of the body. Basically, the side paintings are in harmony with the rest of the works, but there are exceptions.

The image can be extended to the armpit, abdomen, thighs, back and buttocks. Basically there is no difference on which side the drawing is applied, but there are limitations for talismans. In Christianity the right side always symbolizes good, and the opposite - negative and death. However, this is not always the case: if you apply a tattoo on the left side of a girl or a man, then dolphin symbol will help maintain the devotion of a friend and faithful love. Yin and yang on the right side of the body is an opportunity to unravel the mysteries of fate and gain wisdom.

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Does it hurt to do?

Stuffing a picture on your side doesn't hurt as much as on the neck or armpit, but in the area of ​​the ribs, the sensations will be similar, because the skin is near the bones. Moreover, the procedure in the rib area is considered the most painful among all parts of the body. This is a real test for true fans of the art of body painting. Closer to the hips, buttocks and back, the pain will turn into a burning sensation, but it will intensify closer to the abdomen.

Photo of side tattoo for girls

Girls choose bright and catchy designs using all the colors of the rainbow. The image of a peacock or hummingbird looks beautiful when their tail goes down to the hips and buttocks. Such compositions turn out to be very sexy and are liked by many men.

Tattoos for girls on the side in the form of angels look interesting and restrained. Ornaments in the Celtic style, where flowing lines prevail, as well as flower garlands, butterflies and birds flying upwards, will look good. It turns out attractive if the composition starts at the bottom and smoothly goes to the back in the region of the ribs. Do not emboss images with sharp corners and geometric shapes: lightning and squares will distort your figure. Vertical tattoo inscriptions on the side of girls should not be shifted to the side, but should be located exactly in the center.

Curvy girls paintings of large flowers with buds and leaves are suitable. Often in the waist area, the fair sex causes Tulipsmeaning passion, lily - flowers of pride and rebelliousness, peonies - a symbol of tenderness.

Hearts, gem crystals and unicorns are considered ladies' drawings. Trees without foliage look repulsive, it is better to fill a branch of blooming sakura in black and red tones. She will emphasize the mystery, the outline of the figure and her gracefulness.

The images on the side give the ladies a feminine look, but hieroglyphswritten at full height have the opposite effect. The tattoo inscription on girls' ribs or waist in a horizontal position looks much better. It is also worth remembering that in the summer, a part of the female body will be open, so a large composition or plot should be selected more carefully. The feathers of the bird at the bottom will look attractive, which cannot be said about the legs of an angel or a mythical creature.

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For girls who have not yet felt the happiness of motherhood, it is better to postpone with body pictures. During pregnancy and after childbirth, the drawing will lose its beauty: it will break off, creep, and the contours will be smeared. The master will not always be able to restore a woman's tattoo on the side, and burning it out is painful and risky (scars may remain). The best option for expectant mothers is a small picture in the area of ​​the ribs or armpit.

Men's rib tattoos

Men prefer to emboss the image in black. Especially popular a ship sailing on the waves in full sail... Previously, this symbol was used by sailors so that after a shipwreck they were buried according to sea customs. Today the picture is filled with freedom-loving men, ready to withstand winds and storms.

Men's side tattoos are religious subjects (Virgin Mary or Buddha). A black boar pierced with a cross helps to expel evil spirits. Images of wild and predatory animals, birds, representatives of the deep sea are popular. Before the procedure, be sure to find out the meaning of the chosen underwear picture, consult with the master. The shark symbolizes cunning, strong character and sharp mind, although it sometimes looks aggressive and intimidating.

Men often stuff biomechanics and classic tribal, dragon and half-naked girls, crosses with skulls and wings. Often they apply a flower, mostly iris. According to an ancient eastern legend, each warrior picked a blue flower before the battle, so as not to lose courage in battle.

Men's tattoo inscriptions on the ribs are also quite popular: quotes or own thoughts, hieroglyphs and phrases in Latin. Basically, they are applied horizontally, which looks much more spectacular than women.

How to care for side tattoos?

If the procedure went without complications, which usually happens with improper preparation and alcohol consumption, then the wound will heal within 1-2 months... It all depends on the size of the picture, the density of the pattern, the physical properties of the organism.
A huge plus of tattoos on the side is that it is easy to take care of them without assistance (if the drawing was not extended to the back). It is necessary to follow the recommendations of the master exactly, and in case of redness or suppuration, do not postpone a second visit.

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Try to change your T-shirt several times a day and stay outside for a week. Clothes must be loose, otherwise the crust formed on the side can catch on. It is categorically impossible to bend over, to turn, trying not to strain the abdominal muscles.


Photo of a tattoo on the ribs for men

Photo of tattoos on the ribs for women