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Tattoos along the spine


The back is the largest area of ​​our body, suitable for applying a permanent pattern. It can be called a kind of canvas for professional tattoo artists and for those who like to see complex and unusual images on the body. Real masterpieces are most often found among the tattoos on the spine.

Tattoos along the spine are equally popular among girls and men. However, if you decide to do something like this for yourself, then it is worth considering that to create large painting with many small details it may take more than one month, so you have to be patient.

It is also worth keeping in mind that the tattoo directly along the spine is painfully stuffed due to the fact that the bones in these places are close to the skin. Therefore, people who have a low pain threshold should either avoid areas directly above the bones, or ask the master to treat the skin with an anesthetic composition that slightly dulls the discomfort.

It is worth noting that, contrary to popular belief, tattoos on the spine are completely safe for health if two conditions are met:

  • the master uses quality certified ink;
  • the needle that is used to tattoo along the spine is absolutely sterile.

According to doctors, a tattoo on the spine of a girl is not an obstacle to the introduction of epidural anesthesia during childbirth.

Interesting ideas

Here the tastes of men and women often differ. Girls are more likely to settle on options that are modest in terms of their size. The image itself depends on the taste of the owner: flowers, birds, stars and hearts, animals, as well as ethnic patterns (Celtic, indian). Both hieroglyphs and tattoos in the form of inscriptions on the spine are popular. The composition looks good in the form of trees and birds that fly from the lower part of the spine to the neck.

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Men are more prone to drawing large-scale paintings: huge animals, trees, fairy dragons and whole compositions in the style of old school - the most frequent preferences of a strong half of humanity.

From this point of view, a tattoo on the spine in the form of wings is universal, and is liked by both men and women.

Tattoos along the spine are also good because, if necessary, they are very easy to hide under clothes, if the dress code of a particular institution or company where you work insists on the absence of a tattoo.


Photo of tattoo along the spine for men

Photo of a tattoo along the spine for women