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Women's tattoos on the buttocks

A photo of a tattoo on the priest says much more than words and reflections on the meaning of the paintings in this place. We have already talked about this quite closely in the article on intimate tattoos. Everyone can add their own opinion about the aesthetics or vulgarity of tattoos on the buttocks, and I will only express my opinion.

In my opinion, the tattoo on the pope - exclusively female attribute, the owners of which, by virtue of their profession or lifestyle, often put this area on display. I'm talking about photo models, dancers, club figures, sportswomen. Such girls, of course, have special character traits, such as eccentricity, adventurism and carelessness. In practice, a woman's buttock tattoo is part of the image that brings money and popularity in show business.

Do not think that all tattoos on the pope are huge defiant pictures. In the photo, you can see scenes moving from the thigh to the buttocks or from the buttocks to the side of the torso. Such images seem to connect different parts of the body, which looks very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

The most popular option for girls is a small neat tattoo on the left or right buttock. The leader here is clearly cherry tattoo... This incredibly attractive and sexy symbol will attract a lot of glances on the beach and make you an object of adoration of the opposite sex.

To end on a positive note, we can say that the place we are talking about is the most painless on our body. The buttocks react the least to pain, and from the point of view of the master, it is quite easy to tattoo in this place (and on an attractive butt, it is also pleasant). So, dear girls, squat, and then forward to the master! What would you think when you meet a girl with a tattoo on her buttocks on the beach? Write in the comments, and we will summarize: