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Beautiful tattoos on the lower back for girls

What does a tattoo on the lower back mean? Why is it an exclusively female prerogative in our time? Why is there such a biased negative attitude towards such tattoos among the people? For what reason do men not wear tattoos in this place? We will talk about all this in order in this article.

Today, a tattoo on the lower back, like anywhere else, in itself does not have any specific meaning... Yes, in ancient times, servants were branded in this way, and this fact could leave its mark on the culture of body painting. However, not many people know this these days, and the prejudice of some is more of a stereotype. The reason lies rather not in the tattoo on the lower back, but in the fact that its owner exposes the lower back for demonstration purposes, which, of course, is negatively perceived by the conservative society.

Anatomically, the female and male bodies are arranged in different ways. A more or less developed back in men has the shape of a trapezoid, expanding towards the top. In women, on the contrary, the lower back expands slightly., therefore, the tattoo in this place looks more aesthetically pleasing.

Do many girls plan their first tattoo in this particular place? Why? The answer is pretty simple. In adolescence, teenagers want to stand out, and a tattoo on a girl's lower back is one of the best ways to demonstrate their originality.

Short blouses and tops, skirts and low-waisted jeans - almost all styles of women's clothing make the lower back one of the most exposed parts of the body. There is an obvious disadvantage in tattoos on the back of the body: even with the help of a mirror, it is sometimes difficult to evaluate and admire your tattoo yourself, therefore, tattoos in these places are usually done precisely for the sake of the attention of others.

From an artistic point of view, a tattoo on the lower back is practically a separate genre. The most important thing here is keeping symmetry picture. Tattoos of inscriptions on the lower back are a rather rare phenomenon, but butterflies and patterns will always be in trend. The butterfly tattoo is still the most popular choice for this area.

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Speaking about the pain of the procedure, the back, including the lower part, is a very sensitive area. The degree of sensation depends mainly on the individual pain threshold, but looking at the number of photos of women butterfly tattoos and patterns on the lower back, I want to believe that the fairer sex steadfastly survive the application procedure. Summing up, I would like to remind you that the meaning of any tattoo is primarily associated with what is depicted on it, and not with where it is located.


Photo of a tattoo on the lower back for girls