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Male and female shoulder tattoos


The shoulder is the most successful part of the body for drawing on almost any subject.

Photos with sketches for girls and men on vse-o-tattoo.ru will help you decide on the choice of drawing.

Why has a shoulder tattoo become popular?

  • Any drawing or composition looks impressive, realistic and voluminous thanks to the bend of the shoulder and the developed triceps.
  • Almost any painting can be extended to the armpit, neck, chest, back or hand.
  • It is convenient to take care of the tattoo on the shoulder without assistance.
  • The image remains clear and colorful for a long time, as it is always protected from ultraviolet rays and practically does not rub against clothes, like drawings on hands or feet. In a solarium, it is better to cover the tattoo with a sticker. The skin on the shoulder does not lend itself to age-related changes, remains elastic for a long time and does not stretch, such as in the abdomen.
  • Depending on the situation, you can flaunt the body picture or hide it from prying eyes.

A tattoo on the shoulder of girls and men always looks complete and aesthetic.

Stuffing a tattoo is tolerable even for a person with a low pain threshold, since the skin in this place is quite thick. The main thing is to positively tune in to the procedure and carefully prepare. You can feel a slight pain at the beginning of the process or at the end, when the needle of the machine hits the contours of the drawing. A good craftsman and modern equipment will reduce pain to a minimum.

Which shoulder tattoo to choose for men and women?

When choosing a wearable picture, you need to consider which shoulder you will apply it to. The drawing on the left side is protection, the ability to attract easy money and unexpected profits into your life. Orthodox should not fill in images that symbolize the end of life, destruction or anger: skull or the guise of death, composition of hell or purgatory. In the criminal world, a grave cross means the death of a loved one.

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The right side is your desires, life wisdom and family well-being. Here, inscriptions, hieroglyphs, names of children and animals look best. Lizard or griffin on the right shoulder means good luck, brings positive energy.

You should not put thieves' tattoos on this part of the body, for example, a skull pierced with a dagger, or a snake that wraps around a cold weapon. One should also be wary of the face of a lion with axes or arrows. A naked woman with a snake and an apple denotes belonging to passive homosexuals.

Women's shoulder tattoos

Girls are most suitable for a color or black and white body picture of small sizes. The image looks aesthetically in 3D, ethnic images and predators in tribal style, and the inscriptions - in Gothic or graffiti. Tattoos of butterflies, stars, a tiger in motion, but without a grin, a snake, exotic patterns, playful and sleeping cats often flaunt on the shoulders of girls. Well, the most popular option, as always, is flower arrangements in a variety of styles.

If you decide to fill a rose or any other flower, then you need to choose the right amount of flowers and leaves.

Men's photos of shoulder tattoos

The tradition of painting a picture on the shoulder of men came from ancient times: this is how the Indians expressed their belonging to their tribe. Today wearable drawing is a symbol of masculinity and stamina.

A muscular shoulder can be painted not only with abstract, Celtic or Polynesian patterns, but also filled with whole plots. The image of emblems, inscriptions, predatory animals with and without a grin are widespread. Accentuate muscle contours Japanese style drawings, which are voluminous and expressive. The image of a dragon looks good if the head and tail are extended to the chest, back or wrist. Often there are portraits of loved ones, as well as the image of warriors and samurai. Men like photos and sketches for a tattoo on the shoulder of an armor or a skull, biomechanics is also popular. The ethnic style ornament looks beautiful in black when it wraps around the entire shoulder.

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It is better to put the inscriptions short, in one line, in the form of a bracelet or inscribed in a shape on either side of the shoulder.

Tattoos on the shoulder in geometric line and dotwork styles look interesting. Thin lines, vibrant colors and shadows lend distinctiveness and appeal.

Features of caring for a tattoo on the shoulder

If you take good care of your shoulder, the wound will heal in a maximum of two weeks... It is best to get a tattoo in the fall, because in winter, because of warm clothes, it will take longer to heal and bring a lot of inconvenience to care. The wound must be constantly washed and periodically smeared with cream so that the crust is constantly moisturized and does not dry out. In summer, heat, sweat and dust can easily cause infections. Summarize:


Photo of tattoo on shoulder for men

Photo of tattoo on shoulder for women

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