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Tattoos on the legs for girls and guys


Body drawing on the leg is an opportunity to emphasize the ideal figure or hide flaws, highlight certain character traits. Our article will help you choose the right image and where it is better to apply it. A selection of original photos and sketches for tattoos on the leg, for women and men, will be a godsend for you!

What should be considered when choosing drawings?

Figure assembly. Many people believe that it is not recommended to apply a pattern on the back of the lower leg if the owner has thin and long legs. Any composition will look ridiculous and visually narrow them even more.

A colorful massive image or very small drawings are suitable for stocky men with pumped-up legs.

Style of clothes. The wearable picture should be built so that it fits any wardrobe: a skirt of various lengths, shorts, breeches. Beautiful tattoos on the leg, "torn off" by clothes, can turn out to be comical and ugly.

Subject. It is worth approaching with all seriousness the choice of small pictures, so as not to attach yourself to the criminal world or people of non-traditional orientation, for example, stars or a handshake.

The shape of the picture. If the selected picture is too wide, it is not recommended to stuff it on the shin, otherwise it will look cropped. Snake tattoo on leg or narrow long ornaments should be placed clearly along the line so as not to visually distort the silhouette of the leg. Do not fill in millimeter drawings, from a distance they will look like a mole or a spot.

Choose the right composition. If you already have a tattoo on your leg, it is better to choose another picture of the same color scheme. Against the background of bright pictures, pale tattoos will look like a spot.

Excessive hairiness on male legs. When choosing a drawing, this feature should be taken into account, otherwise the image will turn out to be blurry, without clear outlines.

Correct preparation for the procedure. Why does the pattern on the sole wear off quickly? The upper skin is constantly renewed, so before going to the salon, this place needs to be cleaned with a pumice stone. In the future, you should also not forget about hygiene, because the skin will grow again and the pattern will be difficult to see.

Alternative. There are many temporary body images, for example, a flash tattoo on the leg. It is enough to simply stick them on any part of the body. Indian talismans or bracelets in gold and silver look beautiful. Exquisite patterns in the ankle area can be paint with henna.

Photo of tattoo on legs for men

Photo of tattoo on legs for women