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Ankle Tattoos


Traditionally, leg tattoos are more feminine than masculine. A very simple and logical explanation can be found for this. It is quite natural for girls to draw attention to slender legs, including through such a strong accessory as an artistic tattoo.

The thigh, foot and ankle are considered the favorite areas for women's leg tattoos. The fact that ankle tattoos are not popular among men can be explained by the fact that for the stronger sex, this place almost always remains closed. Women's shoes, on the other hand, perfectly emphasize the sophistication of a tattoo in this area.

The ankle is a very small part of the leg, which is why the pattern in this area is usually miniature. The main feature of ankle tattoo for a girl lies in their meaning, or rather, in its absence. They are usually purely aesthetic and do not contain sacred philosophical meaning.

The fair sex is generally characterized by gentle soft colors, graceful and subtle patterns, even if they are used to depict rather trivial things. Examples of standard female ankle images are stars, flowers, or butterflies. Ladies choose small neat patterns, for example, in the form of a bracelet or a small inscription that goes around the leg.

To summarize, a foot and ankle tattoo is a great way to highlight the grace and beauty of your legs, adorn yourself with an exquisite accessory, and stand out from the crowd. The painfulness of the procedure is compensated by the fact that the tattoo in this area is very tiny, and the application process does not take much time. We recommend that our beautiful readers pay attention to this particular part of their body and think about decorating it. Have you thought about it? Write in the comments!


Photo of ankle tattoo for men

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Photo of ankle tattoo for women