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Face tattoos for men and women


Despite your bewilderment and surprise, a tattoo on a face is a historically based phenomenon. The history of the underwear pattern goes back several millennia.

In ancient cultures, they were used not only as an element of decoration, but also as a sign of belonging to a particular caste, religion, cult or tribe. In those days, face tattoos were the hallmark of warriors.

Their main goal was to intimidate the enemy. Particularly interesting in this regard is the culture of Polynesia, which left a huge legacy to lovers of body painting. Today we live in a relatively peaceful time, when it is not necessary to run through the jungle to get food and fight with neighboring tribes for territory.

The fashion of making tattoos on the most exposed part of the human body appeared after piercing. It is difficult to list any popular subjects depicted on the most exposed part of our body. In each case, everything is individual. These can be patterns, letters, hieroglyphs, some thematic images.

The most public person who proudly wears a tattoo on his face can be considered boxer Mike Tyson. Loved by everyone Zombie Boy (Rick Genest) introduced the fashion for tattoos in the form of a human skull.

Russian DJ and dancer dj MEG (Edik Magaev) has a tattoo in the form of letters under each eye. There are also quite curious examples, for example, the famous story of the tattoo artist Ruslan, who made tattoos on the faces of his beloved in the form of his name.

Girls with Ruslan's face tattoos at one time excited the entire Internet. (Write in the comments what you think about it.)

Summing up, I would like to say that even if you decide on such an extreme tattoo, which in any form will be condemned by others, entrust its execution to a professional. Such work is very difficult, painful and laborious. It will be extremely difficult to bring such a picture together, and the process is unlikely to pass without a trace. I wish you carefully measure 7 times before cutting once!


Photo of tattoo on face for men

Photo of tattoo on the face for women