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Tattoo on the palm: rib and back


What can I say, any part of the body covered with skin can be tattooed.

A tattoo on the edge of the palm is one of the most exotic and infrequent phenomena in modern life, but since such a phenomenon takes place, we are obliged to write about it. Palm tattoos are the prerogative of not just original, but rather unusual people, a little strange and thinking outside the box.

As a rule, very thematic images... One of the most popular is the eye pattern. Geometrically, palms are more suitable for rounded designs.

The back is not the best place for inscriptions or hieroglyphs. Let me remind you that at the moment we are talking only about an artistic tattoo, losing sight of the primitive options made with a self-made machine, as well as prison tattoos.

One of the few benefits of tattooing on the back of the hand is the relative painlessness. The skin in this place is quite rough, and the tattooing procedure is quite easy. But from the point of view of practicality, such a picture, for obvious reasons, is suitable for units.

The optimal and most popular palm decoration today is henna tattoo... You will learn more about it from the corresponding article. Let's just remind that it is made with special paint and after a while it is washed off.

The tattoo on the palm on the side (on the rib) is just bigger suitable for lettering... The areas in this area are even smaller than on the wrist, so the work in this area is often combined with tattoos on the fingers.

What kind of reaction will a person with a tattoo on your palm cause? Write in the comments!


Photo of tattoo on the back side and on the edge of the palm for men

Photo of tattoo on the back and on the edge of the palm for women