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Male and female tattoos on the wrist


Body drawing on the hands is often decided to apply shocking and extraordinary personalities. Although often sophisticated ladies are also attracted by such tattoos.

In the article, we will tell you how best to choose a tattoo on the hand, photos and sketches of which you will see on our website. What are the alternatives?

Is it worth it?

Any body painting is a way of self-expression, giving charm to an image or flaunting your beliefs. What should you think about before getting a tattoo?

  • Career. Etiquette established for centuries does not allow such frivolity.
  • Pain threshold. There is no subcutaneous fat on the hand, the bones are close to the skin. The skin itself is too sensitive and thin, especially in women.
  • A tattoo on the wrist, for girls in particular, is short-lived and needs to be adjusted. You cannot hide it from the sun's rays, so the paints fade, are susceptible to the effects of detergents, chlorinated water.
  • The skin on the hand fades earlier, wrinkles appear, distorting the image.
  • An uneven surface is a poor canvas even for an experienced craftsman, so it is better not to choose a drawing with small details.
  • Hands should be perfectly groomed. In the presence of warts, birthmarks, tumors, mosquito bites and fresh cuts, it is not recommended for men and women to get a tattoo on their wrist. The master will not touch moles, but will successfully beat, harmoniously fit into the chosen picture.
  • Frequent hand washing is inevitable leads to gradual washout of paint, which means that you cannot do without periodic corrections.

Tattoo options

Wearable pictures can be chosen for every taste and color. For sophisticated individuals, a small inscription on the side of the fingers is suitable to put them together and read an aphorism or phrase in Latin, French and English. Chinese symbols are also popular, they are located at the base of the thumb or on the edge of the hand.

More strong-willed individuals decide to fill a small tattoo on the wrist in black, so as not to stand out too much. Such drawings look neat and effective. However, extraordinary creative people choose multi-colored images for the entire lower part of the limb, sometimes extending to the wrist, elbow or shoulder. Black paintings look interesting when present play of shadows and smooth transitions from dark to light.

Mysterious persons prefer prefabricated tattoos. Their elements merge into a picture if you fold two hands into a fist, cross your fingers or put two indexes together. The wings of a proud bird with an hourglass look very beautiful, meaning freedom.

In the criminal world, tattoos in this place have long been given a special semantic color: several dots and crosses in the lower part of the hand are applied by thieves. Web spider - a sign of a drug addict, and mysterious bats are a symbol of a night thief.

Since ancient times, men's tattoos on the wrist have meant courage and strength. Often there are skulls in red and black tones, strange creatures with sharp teeth and growths, an all-seeing eye, predators, fire, less often the signs of the zodiac. Tribal patterns are also relevant, often there are tattoos from wrist to elbow, photos and sketches of which can be viewed in section about sleeves.

The volumetric image looks beautiful in any color scheme, especially the skeleton and finger joints. There are portraits of children or women, as well as ships with crystals. Musical instruments look original, mainly guitars. Biomechanics and tribal styles are popular. Men are more likely to fill in drawings on their palms for women, mainly protective signs and symbols.

Women's hand tattoos - beauty or bad taste?

Girls should think more carefully about the drawings on this part of the body, because the hands are most susceptible to age-related changes. Because of this, many opt for five-pointed stars, butterflies, and small birds. Some ladies fill broken hearts, immortalize important dates or the names of beloved ones. Sometimes you can find inscriptions and aphorisms.

From the side, they look very neat and beautiful. A ribbon-shaped tattoo tied with a bow is stuffed on the wrist. If necessary, it can be easily hidden under the clock. They give charm and musical notes, only a treble clef in the criminal world means a fallen woman.

A tattoo on the wrist for extraordinary girls is a full-fledged multi-colored or black picture of a butterfly, a firebird, flowers, a cat. The same tattoos on both hands look beautiful, but it is quite difficult to pick them up for the image.

Any body drawing catches the eye, therefore hands should always be groomed... A manicure and a harmoniously matched varnish color are a must! For elegant girls, garlands of stars and other small elements are suitable. Will look elegant ornaments in celtic style... Polynesian images are avoided. If you extend the curls from the index finger and above the wrist, the girl's hands will become more refined and beautiful.

If the black drawings do not attract, and the colors seem too catchy, the master will offer to apply the image using white pigments. They look gorgeous on the body and fit perfectly into any look.

Hand tattoos for girls can be applied with temporary paints. This is a great option for understanding how the chosen drawing suits your image. Mehendi (henna is used) is applied only in red-brown tones and looks great on white and thin hands and fingers.

Features of care

Care after the procedure is quite laborious and long, it takes about a month. During this period, you cannot wipe your hand dry with a towel, use soap, and clench your fist. For a few weeks, it is best to give up dusty work and cooking.

Consider placing your hand while you sleep to avoid snagging the crust and getting an infection. It is difficult to take care of male and female tattoos on the wrist, since in the first week it will be unprofitable to dress and eat without assistance. Summarize:


Photo of tattoo on hand for men

Photo of tattoo on the wrist for women