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Male and female tattoos on the calf


Caviar is a versatile canvas for body paintings. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right drawing so as not to spoil the proportion of the figure. Photos and sketches of calf tattoos will help you visually assess their attractiveness and style.

Calf drawings - pros and cons

Before choosing a composition, you should pay attention to some of the nuances:

  • A set of figures. If the torso is slightly longer than the legs, then narrow and vertical tattoos will look better. Circular and small drawings or horizontal lettering is not recommended. For thin legs, ornaments and various patterns that go slightly beyond the contours of the muscles are suitable. Lush legs can be slightly narrowed by tattooing the calves in black.
  • Chronic diseases. It is worth paying attention to the possible development of varicose veins. Over time, the resulting bumps and the bulging of the veins may well disfigure the body image, not to mention the possible operations.
  • The location of the tattoo on the calves of men and girls. Best for drawing lateral or posterior to musclewithout grasping the front of the lower leg. It is desirable that the picture is fully viewed from one angle and does not seem cropped.
  • Increased hairiness of the male legs. Before the procedure, you will have to do hair removal, otherwise the master will not be able to apply the drawing. As hair growth, it is recommended to shave them off, otherwise the tattoo on the calves will be fuzzy and smeared. It is recommended for brunettes to wear a tattoo in black tones.
  • It is advisable for men of an athletic physique with pumped-up calves to maintain their shape so that the skin does not sag over time and the picture does not float. Ladies should also remember that with excess weight, the tattoo can be slightly distorted. Calves are one of the few places in the body where the skin remains elastic for a long time.
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The skin on the calves is dense and smooth, so it will be easy for the master to apply an image of any complexity, to clearly draw even small details. The bulge of the muscle gives the body paintings volume and realism.

Does it hurt?

The bone is located far enough, there is a good layer of fat, and there are not so many nerve endings, so getting a tattoo on the calves for girls and men does not hurt. If the image descends to ankle or goes to the inside of the knees, then the discomfort will intensify. Leather under the kneecap too thin, the pigments will not take root well, therefore, reapplication of the pattern is possible.

Calf tattoos for men - character and charisma

Men's calf tattoos - an opportunity to emphasize your individuality, endurance and brutality... The stronger sex often chooses pictures in black tones, but bright and shocking personalities stop at colorful pictures.
Tattoo inscriptions and hieroglyphs are best applied to the upper part or along the entire length of the caviar muscle. Many men fill in the names of their children and their beloved, some paint portraits of their children.

Popular calf tattoos for men in biomechanical style... The exposed part of the skin with metal joints, gears and large springs looks very realistic and exciting. Some personalities like horrific wounds with realistic blood drops, torn ligaments and other "charms". It is better to approach such compositions more seriously and prepare your relatives in advance.

Paired tattoos on the leg look beautiful and exclusive, when two parts of the picture create an interesting image, but separately do not lose their meaning. It can be a phrase or geometric compositions.

Look good celtic and polynesian patterns or animals... They give the wearer a courageous look and unshakable willpower. Male calf tattoos can be positioned exactly along the contour of the muscle or extended over the entire lower leg, capturing the ankle and thigh areas. It is not necessary to make symmetrical patterns on both legs if the composition is not too dense.

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Men often choose pictures of weapons, silhouettes of predators, skulls, abstraction. Some personalities believe that the volume and aggressiveness of the drawing depends on the inner masculine strength and its brutality. However, many people fill a small image: characters, faces of animals, cartoon characters.

Women's calf tattoos - a charm or a challenge to society?

With the help of body drawings, girls can emphasize their style, character traits and femininity. In addition to small compositions of flowers, butterflies and inscriptions in Arabic and English, large and bright pictures look beautiful. Variegated birds, large exotic plants or sakura branches emphasize gracefulness, femininity and do not change the proportion of the figure. Female tattoos on the calf can be extended beyond the contours of the muscle, to the thigh or foot.

To lengthen and emphasize the ideal structure of the leg, it is better to choose a composition with flexible and smooth lines that wrap around a slender female shin. Skinny girls should not choose patterns or geometric shapes with sharp corners and dangling lines. It is generally accepted that any image is not recommended to be applied close to the knee bend. It will be more beautiful if you step back from it a few centimeters or extend the pattern to the thigh.

A lizard going up, ribbons, chains and bracelets looks beautiful. Elongated tattoos on the calves for a girl should be selected carefully so as not to displace the line of the leg and not visually distort it.

When choosing a picture, you should inquire about its symbolism. The drawing can be interpreted in different ways, based on additional elements and its location. Butterfly tattoo on the leg means uncertainty, not youth and rebirth.

It is customary to fill women's tattoos on the calves not too small. Stars, bows, birds in the distance should be clearly visible and not look like a multi-colored spot.

Features of care

It is better to do a tattoo on the calf in the summer so that the clothes do not rub against the wound. Since the entire load falls on this part of the leg, it is better to walk less, do not play sports and do not lift heavy objects. It is not advisable to sleep on your back, for girls to wear skinny jeans and high-rise shoes. Body paintings on the calves are convenient to process without assistance. Wounds heal for more than a month, but it all depends on the area of ​​the image and the personal characteristics of the body.


Photo of male calf tattoo

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Photo of female calf tattoo