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Shin tattoos


In one of the previous articles, we examined in detail the tattoos on the legs, identified their advantages and disadvantages, discussed popular sketches and photos. This time we will talk a little about the tattoo on the lower leg. Let's make a reservation right away that, as a rule, this zone includes the entire space from the ankle to the knee. The previous article was about back (calf), and in this one we will consecrate the hall. And that's why we made this distinction.

Firstly, the tattoo on the lower leg is fundamentally different from the calf in its soreness. Here, the skin is close to the bone, and you will surely feel a stronger sensation. Of course, everything is very individual. People involved in martial arts or football have coarser skin in these areas and the pain threshold is greatly underestimated. But generally speaking, especially for girls, a tattoo on the lower leg can become a very painful procedure.

Secondly, male and female tattoos on the shins are characterized by a larger volume than on the calves. The space in this zone is much larger, the canvas is smoother, and many choose volumetric subjects.

Third, the lower leg is a more visible part of the body, and is much better suited if you want to display your tattoo for everyone to see. It will be enough to put on short clothes, and those around you will instantly distinguish you from the crowd.

Male and female tattoos on the lower leg are already familiar pictures that are applied to other places. For girls, for example, flowers and birds are characters, for men - predatory animals and birds. But we know a huge number of tattoos that will look appropriate regardless of gender or age. One such example is the shin tattoo. What exactly can be written, we also talked about in a separate article.


Photo of a tattoo on the lower leg for men

Photo of a tattoo on the lower leg for women