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Photo and meaning of tattoos on the thighs of a girl


The thigh is the widest part of the leg and for this it is considered one of the most favorite places for a tattoo. Most often, tattoos on the thigh can be found on girls. Why? Here the situation is generally the same as with ankle tattoo... A man rarely has to expose this place, and even admiring his own hips is somehow strange.

For girls, the opposite is true. Women's hips are not just a part of the body, but a real symbol in which female sexuality and grace are concentrated. That is why the fair sex so often strive to emphasize and embellish this particular part of their body.

In some forums I have met opinions that a tattoo on the thigh is done almost painlessly due to the fact that in this area under the skin there is a large amount of meat, and therefore the pain is almost not felt. Well, I kind of agree. Compared to a place like kneethe hips are indeed much less sensitive. But there are two important facts to remember.

First, women's skin is much softer and more sensitive than men's. Therefore, the process of tattooing a girl's thigh is sometimes accompanied by a small amount of blood and painful sensations. Secondly, as already mentioned, the thigh is a fairly voluminous area, therefore, they mainly make large paintings here.

This means that the tattoo procedure can take several hours in a row and the skin, of course, becomes irritated, which enhances the sensation. So I cannot completely agree with the popular opinion about the painlessness of tattoos on the thighs.

Popular thigh tattoo ideas

It can be added that this area is famous for several popular female sketches. You can't help but start with the dragon on the thigh. A complex, painstaking, but insanely beautiful painting depicting this ancient creature absolutely occupies an honorable place among the most famous hip tattoos.

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There are many variations of the painting with the dragon, as well as the form of its location on the body. Some people prefer to restrict the tattoo area to just the thigh. For some, the dragon is located from the ribs to the hip. Nevertheless, if the tattoo is made with high quality, then the larger it is, the better.

Another popular topic of a tattoo on a thigh among girls is garters and bows... We talked about them in a separate article. Here we will say that in most cases the bows are located symmetrically on both legs, mainly at the back. And finally, the absolute hit of the last months - the dream catcher! An interesting, mesmerizing picture with magical properties of a talisman.

To summarize, the tattoo on women's thighs is one of the most stylish and interesting areas of modern tattoo art. Which drawing for this zone seems most relevant to you? Write in the comments!


Photo of a tattoo on the thigh of girls