Interesting conversation with Mikhail Durov


I want to start with this: you have the word rusfreak in your facebook page. Can you tell me how you even understand the word Frik?

The literal translation is a freak, but in general, all outwardly unusual characters have been called for so long)

Okay, but is this more a joke word or a common term that you, for example, can apply to yourself?

For me it is rather moody. I do not like to call myself somehow and to rank as something.

Let's still define what you do. As far as I know, you organize rave parties and festivals, lead a body modification community, weave dreadlocks, do advertising, can you add?)

Everything is correct. In addition, I collaborate with three webcam studios - two in St. Petersburg and one in Moscow and recruit new employees there. I also mutually cooperate with clubs, concert organizers, tattoo studio and piercing master. 🙂

I’ll ask you more about it) In general, people who see your photo on the site may remember your participation in some TV shows, such as the Dinner Party, for example. Can you tell us about this experience?

--- ETx-4gK4

Previously, I participated in various TV shows, but for more than a year I have been rejecting all offers, since I am not satisfied with the fees for participating in such a thing. Plus, all the filming takes place in Moscow, and I live in St. Petersburg.

Then such a question - there are programs like Malakhov, Live with a cadet on Russia1, a bunch of Ukrainian talk shows, etc., which form public opinion among those who watch TV during the day. At least a couple of times a year, they make issues about people with modifications (well, of course, they put them in a bad light). I saw several excerpts with Ilya Gubarev, Evgeny Bolotov, I think you also came to one of the programs.


Can you tell me if you think there is any point in going to such gatherings and is there any goal other than to have fun?) PR? Or just a fee?

You can, of course, come and say healthy things in order to contribute to the development of a less prejudiced attitude towards such people among viewers and, in general, to educate the people, giving them more information about tattoos, piercings, and so on. As for me, this is all good) But knowing how huge salaries on TV are, how much they depend on ratings (the cost of advertising on a channel depends on them), and how good a rating they will have because of my face in the frame just because people When they see him, they simply won't switch to another program out of curiosity, I don't want to help these guys earn a huge loot for 3 kopecks.

Yes, it sounds very reasonable

Okay, let's discuss how it is really possible to make money on the image in Russia. For example, if you have a very non-standard appearance, in theory you can be interesting for brands as an advertising person. After all, you know a lot of different modifications, do you have any success stories, and how much, in your opinion, can you earn from a non-standard appearance?


Both me and some of my acquaintances are sometimes offered to appear in commercials for clothes or something else, but I do not think that this can really be the work of life in our country and ensure a comfortable existence. Now I'm offered to shoot in porn with very decent fees because of my appearance, you can make good money there 😉

But is this rather one-time earnings? For example, pitching, as far as I know, strives to get a contract with a salary from major sports nutrition brands, do you see such opportunities on your horizon yet?

Rather one-off, yes. In theory, I see such opportunities and, if offered, I will not refuse, but I do not specifically try to shove myself somewhere for this purpose. 🙂

Have you decided anything about filming porn?)

I think to take part, but my hands haven’t come to that yet.) I’m lazy, then I forget, then I’m busy with other things.

It is interesting to ask more about pron and webcams, but while the long arms of Roskomnadzor didn’t reach me, I’ll ask this: do you think that people with various body modifications (piercings, tattoos, implants, etc.) are more relaxed, easier to make contact, more disposed to the demonstration of the body (not necessarily in the vulgar sense) than people who did not do anything to themselves? What do you think?

I don’t think so. All people are completely different inside, and the appearance says nothing.

Are there people in your close social circle with a completely natural appearance?

Of course, there are plenty of them. I choose friends not by their looks, and in my life I am not interested in endlessly discussing tattoos and piercings.

Well, getting to the end, I have to ask a trivial and rather statistical question:

Can appearance still have any impact on employment and things like that today? For example, if you want to get a job in a large PR agency or organize a festival of the level of Kubana, can a tattoo on your face create any problems, for example, when negotiating with officials?

In Russia, it certainly can) In organizing a fest of the level of Kubana, I think there would be a place for a person with a similar appearance, just to talk with officials would send someone else from the team. 🙂


The final question for you as a creator of a large community - how do you see the development of the topic of body modification? Any new trends that will be popular? In my opinion, over the past couple of years, the topic of implants and plug-ins has grown a lot, now it seems that eye filling is being born, what do you think?

Really beautiful jewelry made from good expensive materials, like Anatometal, will gain popularity. Since we began to do the filling of the eyes not so long ago, many new people will appear who want to do it for themselves. And, of course, over time, they will come up with new things and improve old technologies.


Cool, thank you very much for your answers, Misha!