Very (too realistic) dreams, haunting nightmares or disturbing erotic dreams, harbinger dreams… We have all experienced this strange attitude towards dreams. To the extent that we very often wonder about the meaning of our dreams? What message could be hidden there? What symbol could we rely on to decipher them. In a word ; how to interpret our dreams and nightmares?

The questions that beset us in the morning after a night full of dreams are numerous and the answers are not always obvious. Is a recurring sexual dream indicative of an underlying attraction in our unconscious? Is the dream of death necessarily a bad omen? Can we find out if a dream is a harbinger? People have always asked themselves questions, the answers to which sometimes bordered on the paranormal. Psychoanalysis, with Freud, made the interpretation of dreams a tool in the service of research and knowledge of the unconscious of patients in analysis ... A vast and fascinating field of study, always marked by the work of Freud, However, the interpretation of dreams is not always very accessible to the general public in search of specific answers about the origin or hidden message of their dreams.

Here is a dream dictionary offering interpretations of over 4000 recurring symbols from our dream world, deciphered using the tools of psychoanalysis. Are you dreaming of a snake, love or a spider... Each of these dreams contains symbolic messages that are important to decipher in order to better understand the sources of our inner life. Feel free to write down your dreams when you wake up and analyze their content using the symbols you find in the dictionary, listed in alphabetical order!  See also: Our dreams are unique, but some symbols are very similar. Discover the interpretation of over four thousand dreams!

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