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Henna tattoo?

A henna tattoo is a painless body decoration, very similar to a tattoo, but it is not done by applying paint under the skin with a needle, but by applying color - henna - to the skin. If you love tattoos but are afraid of needles or just want to try how the tattoo will look on you, the henna method is a unique chance to have fun. It's because "Temporary tattoo", one of the few generally available. Henna has been used for centuries in ritual acts to decorate women. Today it is a very popular activity, for example, on vacation by the sea.

Henna is a 2-6 meter high flowering plant native to tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, South Asia and Northern Oceania. By drying and grinding the leaves of this plant, we get a powder that is used to color tissues, hair, nails and, of course, skin. Henna colors are different, as are their uses. Black is not a purely natural color, so many people can develop rashes and allergic reactions (even burns on the body). Red and brown, like black, are used for painting on the skin. Herbal powder is used for hair coloring.

Henna can last up to three weeks on your skin in the shape you have created. Later, the paint can run or wear off. The length of stay also depends on the pigmentation of your skin.

Pay attention to the quality of the applied henna! Today, many people are allergic to various herbs and metals, and the composition of henna is difficult to imagine after questioning. The body begins to react to the applied color and begins to fight against it, so you may end up with ugly scars. That's why I don't recommend henna to anyone, because you don't know what is mixed with this chicken in the holiday fool and cases that end in burns and 2 weeks in bed with fever are not uncommon and so the holiday can turn into hospitalization only because of the desire to "try on" a tattoo.

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