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The meaning of the ladybug tattoo - Tattoomuse.it

Not everyone likes insects, but there are some that are so beautiful and have such a positive meaning that they cause sympathy even among the picky ones. Among the latter, one cannot fail to mention the ladybug! THE ladybug tattoos they are not very common and are usually chosen by a more feminine than a masculine audience. Being a very small insect, it is the perfect subject for an original, discreet and meaningful little tattoo.

Value ladybug tattoos to most, this may seem very commonplace: these small brightly colored beetles have always been considered gods mascot... However, there are aspects of the ladybug that not everyone knows about, and it is good to know if you are thinking of getting a tattoo of her. Let's start with the most scientific concepts: there are about 6000 species of ladybugs known, some with bright colors and others with minor colors, therefore less known. The most famous is that red with black dots, which usually does not exceed one centimeter in diameter. In nature, these vibrant colors are used by the ladybug to "trick" predators into believing that this is a poisonous prey that you need to stay away from, and perhaps this seemingly harmless and the rounded look that ladybugs are sympathetic to even among those who hate insects. We are talking about seeming harmlessness, because in fact, the ladybug has a rather gluttonous disposition: just think that most species of ladybugs are active predators, sometimes so hungry that they do not even spare themselves episodes of cannibalism. It is no coincidence that ladybugs are often used as a natural method of killing parasites and the like from crops.

Already from this little information of an ethological nature, we extract some meaning, which is usually ignored when someone thinks about ladybug tattoo... Ladybugs are not only cute talismans for good luck, but also the duplicity of a person's character... For example, a very calm and clearly peaceful person who hides in himself the ability to protect himself or those he loves, even with the use of violence if necessary. The classic "good, which is better not to anger."

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In addition, the ladybug not only brings good luck, but is also an animal capable of make dreams come true... Legend has it that when a ladybug lands on your skin, you need to make a wish, confident that the ladybug will grant it. Let's not forgetthe importance of the color of the classic ladybug... The term "ladybug" itself comes from the Greek kokkinos, which in translation means "red", color of love and passion... In ancient times, it was believed that if a ladybug lands on a young woman or young man, they are about to find the love of their life.