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Fascinating crow tattoos - photo and meaning

With their shiny black plumage, sharp beak and not-so-friendly appearance, crows are awe-inspiring and deadly birds. There is more to its somewhat somber appearance, however, and we assure you that the raven, although underestimated, is a very interesting subject to tattoo.

So what is the meaning of raven tattoos?

If the first thought that comes to your mind is death, think again. The crow is, first of all, a very intelligent animal, strategist a real one capable of winning in any situation. The Native Americans, who knew animals and their nature very well, treated crows with great respect and even made them an object of worship. The raven was considered not only a deity, but also Keeper of Secrets... Due to its cunning, there are many fables and fairy tales in which the raven, with the help of its mind, defeats stronger animals.

In some Pacific cultures, the raven is a deity that carries the light of knowledge and illuminates the darkness of human ignorance. Moreover, the raven, again because of its cunning, is considered in many stories as trasformista, who takes on different guises in order to deceive and get what he needs (for example, Fosco, Maleficent's friend, crow).

On the other hand, for Anglo-Saxon cultures, the raven is the keeper of damned souls, and it is not unusual to see him represented in war scenes, since the presence of crows on the battlefields was almost taken for granted. In fact, Valkyries are often accompanied by crows in their life and death decisions regarding fighters.

In short, we can say that the crow is an animal that really touches on almost all cultures and historical eras. Hundreds of legends and stories tell of his talents, cunning and cunning. Thus, a raven tattoo is much more than an aesthetic decoration, it is a hymn to an ancient and special animal.

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This particular item can be tattooed in different styles, alone or accompanied by roses, keys, dream catchers, and inscriptions. The predominant color is black, like the typical plumage of this bird, however, it can be enriched with flashes, stylized and painted with watercolors, which will never give a predictable result.