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Wonderful heron tattoos - ideas and meaning


The heron is one of the most cunning, intelligent, decisive and elegant birds in the world. However, before understanding what the different cultural roots are heron tattoos, it is appropriate to briefly dwell on their physical characteristics, habitat and habits.

Heron characteristics

First of all, it is useful to know that there are different breeds of herons: the gray heron with white-gray-blue plumage, the great egret (which is clearly white), the purple heron, which instead has colorful plumage in shades of gray, white and brown with black and reddish streaks.

It is highly recognizable because it has a long neck, tapered legs, and a pointed and rather sharp beak that is useful for catching and eating prey.

The meaning of the heron tattoo

We can say that the heron feels at home in 3 elements: water, earth and air. Symbolically speaking, heron tattoo can represent ability to adapt, easily switching from one context to another. It can also symbolize versatile personalitycapable of achieving success in many areas.

Other The meaning of the heron tattoo it could also be there patience... In fact, the heron has a very unique way of hunting, which makes it a master of patience, speed and swiftness. In fact, this bird is able to remain motionless for several hours, apparently doing nothing, waiting for the right moment to submerge its beak and catch a fish, insect or other. In other words, the heron "seizes the moment" it needs. Hence, heron tattoo it may be valid a symbol reminding us of the importance of patience and the need live in the presentcatching the moment when the time has come.

Herons usually live alone and prefer a quiet environment. So there are those who could choose heron tattoo to emphasize the same attitude towards silence and loneliness.

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The meaning of the heron tattoo in different cultures

That The meaning of the heron tattoo in relation to different cultures of the world?

On the ancient Egyptians, the heron was revered as the creator of light. Instead, a heron with two heads was depicted. symbol of prosperity.

In China instead the heron is a symbol strength, patience, purity and longevity... In many Chinese legends, the heron is depicted as a guide that leads or ferries souls to heaven.

Вactive Americans instead, who we know were accustomed to closely observing the nature in which they lived, noticed the curiosity and stubborn determination of the heron. Many tribes really believed this bird symbol of foresight and wisdom.

To make the heron an important art object, she was Japanese... In fact, in Japanese culture, the heron was an animal symbol of beauty, elegance, nobility, and was often depicted in winter contexts.