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Japanese koi carp tattoo


I Japanese carp tattoos are koi have become classics in the world of tattoos, a subject especially known to fans of body art or Japanese art.

Koi is Japanese for carp, and it is an animal that plays an important role in Japanese mythology. Let's understand together the meaning of these japanese tattoo usually very colorful and sinuous.

The meaning of the koi carp tattoo

The most common value for the ai attribute koi fish tattoo should be great mascot... This is because legend has it that the koi carp is the only fish capable of climbing up the Yellow River and eventually becoming a dragon. Thus, the koi carp tattoo represents luck but also the desire of man improve the and make significant efforts to reach the goal.

Value tattoo rock which however, it also depends on the color chosen for the fish and the design options. Here are the main meanings of koi carp depending on color and design:

Red koi carp tattoo

He is the most common, he personifies love and passion, especially understood as masculine.

Black koi carp tattoo

It symbolizes the successful overcoming of great changes. Change involves overcoming an effort, painful or particularly difficult moment, but successfully overcome.

Koi blue carp tattoo

They are considered a symbol of masculinity and reproduction. If the blue koi floats from bottom to top, it means overcoming the difficulty. If, on the other hand, it is upside down, it means adversity that has already been overcome in the past, but which somehow changed the current state of a person.

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Koi dragon tattoo carp

These are the koi that we talked about in the beginning, which climb up the Yellow River to later become a dragon. Again, it is the power to face adversity in order to achieve a goal. The dragon koi, which is often accompanied by a pattern of waves and winding waters, symbolizes not only the strength to withstand adversity, but also the complete absence of hesitation in this.

Black and white koi carp tattoo (yin and yang)

Like yin and yang, it is a balance between two opposing but closely related forces. Two concentrically represented Pisces looking at each other's tails can also represent the zodiacal symbol of Pisces.

Koi carp and lotus flower tattoo

Although I lotus flower tattoo have an independent meaning, in combination with koi fish they personify purity, change and rebirth, despite difficulties, determination and guaranteed success.