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Amazing Star Wars Inspired Tattoos

There are films and sagas that really enter our hearts. They excite us, and we make them such that we would like to always take our favorite characters with us ... maybe by getting them tattoos! This is definitely the case with Star Wars, a saga that has captivated all generations for over 30 years.

This signed movie saga George Lucas he inspired the birth of Jedi schools, festivals, and incredible tattoos depicting the most important and unusual characters. Among them Yoda, a wise and very old (800 years old) Jedi Knight who uttered the famous phrase:"It's hard to see the dark side of the force".

Or Lord Darth FenerJedi who have gone over to the dark side of the force and voiced by the historical phrase: "Luke, I am your father." And how not to mention the magnificent queen Padme Amidalainterpreted in the prequel saga by the wonderful Natalie Portman and dressed in a film inspired by Tibetan and Asian cultures.

Of course, these tattoos are for real fans, those who have made Star Wars almost (but also completely) their philosophy of life, and who, if there is a lightsaber to use, certainly are not repeated twice!

Do you think you would ever want to tattoo a scene from your favorite movie?