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Mo Ganji's amazing solid tattoos

Have you ever tried to draw a drawing without ever removing the pen from the paper? If so, then you probably remember that it is not at all easy to make it clear what is the subject of the drawing. We are Ganji a tattoo artist who is currently based in Germany and specializes in exactly this: to realize tattoo solid line, that is, with one blow, as if he had never removed the car from his skin!

Given the growing popularity minimal tattoos Moe's tattoos, promoted by the new school, definitely could not go unnoticed: there is no subject that this artist could not create using a single line. In fact, among his tattoos we find animals, faces, people, skulls, household items, skeletons and flowers. Overall, these tattoos look simple, neat, irreplaceable and adorable. And that's exactly what Mo Ganji wants to achieve with these sophisticated designs yet simple in appearance.

Creating something simple is much more difficult than creating something complex.Mo said this in an interview with 9Gag. "Someone else is adding and adding and adding, but it gets much more interesting when the number of tools available becomes limited."

Before becoming a tattoo artist and dedicating himself to his art, Mo did something else while working in the fashion industry serving large international companies. Struck by the controversial issues surrounding the garment industry and its impact on producing countries, Mo Ganji decided to leave the area to devote himself to something else: tattoos. In short, his previous work was not in line with the values ​​of Mo Ganji, who explains: “Things that are expensive cannot be bought. And values ​​are what defines us. "

Curiosity: Mo Ganji, although a tattoo artist, currently has no tattoos 🙂