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Video Game Inspired Tattoos: Ideas, Photos, Ideas

Real gamers know this: i Games they are more than just games, they are one life style... So it's not unusual to see the gods Video Game Inspired Tattoos colorfully and effectively depicts our favorite characters, those who made us dream and live in unusual digital adventures!

What video games get tattooed the most?Among the most popular tattoos of gamers are, first of all, the "tools" of the game, that is, the typical buttons of the Playstation joystick (or X-box) or the directional cursors on the keyboard. A true classic for gamers who have made video games an integral part of their daily life!

Then follow Tattoo Super Mario, a character that we can characterize as the uniquely iconic mindset of the video game world. Of course, Mario is not the only item chosen by fans of the gaming saga: even me peach tattoo and Yoshi are very popular!

What about instead of paired tattoos for gamers? Video game inspired tattoos are super cute for one couple tattoothere are many ideas in this world! Think only of the multiplayer games where you have to cooperate to win, or the love stories that are the plot of many games, such as between Mario and Peach or between Zelda and Link!