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Tattoos inspired by the Joker, the villain from DC Comics

He's insane (seriously insane), bad enough, and just as creepy. This is the main villain of DC Comics, Batman's nemesis, the infallible Joker! V Joker inspired tattoos Is a rarity dedicated to comic or movie fans, a tribute to the very bad guy who, despite his obvious insanity, is capable of producing pearls of wisdom that really deserve attention. Among them is the famous phrase: "Why is it so serious?" (Why so serious?), A phrase that summarizes the Joker's paradoxical thinking.

To better understand the meaning of the joker tattoo However, let's spend a few words to better introduce this character. The Joker first appears in 1940 in the first issue of the comic. Batman... The Joker has been characterized a little differently over the years, but he's actually one of the worst villains in comic book history. He is sadistic, witty (in his own way), cruel, psychopathic, vain, eccentric and charismatic. Charisma is one of the most interesting aspects of this character, just think that with his ambiguous charm he managed to win the heart of the beautiful (but no less crazy) Harley Quinn.

The film adaptations of the Joker have been played by such great actors as Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger. The latter, in particular, was extraordinarily associated with the character, masterfully interpreting the madness, intelligence and total chaos that reign in the Joker's head. The latest interpretation of the Joker was instead attributed to the great Jared Leto in the film. Team suicidein which he is seen mostly helping his queen Harley Quinn and showing all his psychotic madness in an attempt.

In this film, we also have the opportunity to see a very tattooed Joker with a smile on his stomach, topped with the words "Joker", a skull in a clown hat on his chest, the words "HAHAHA" on his arms and chest. / shoulder, a very worried smile tattooed on the arm, and the word "Injured" on the forehead.

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In short, i Joker tattoo in the movie suicide squad will further emphasize his character, his madness and his explosive anger.

Last but not least, the Joker quotes. There's really a lot between comics and movies, and they reveal all the genius behind the Joker's torment and madness. Here are some examples of Joker-inspired tattoos:

• "What does not kill you makes you a stranger"

• "Madness is like gravity ... a little push is enough."

• "Why so serious?"

• "Nobody will die alive"