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Tattoos inspired by Ariel, Disney's Little Mermaid - Tattoomuse.it

Of all the mermaids, Ariel is undoubtedly the most famous of them all. We have already talked about mermaid tattoo but with her red hair and big eyes betraying all her naivety and crystal voice, Ariel is not only the most famous but also one of the most beloved Disney princesses. Among her fans, many also decided to get a tattoo dedicated to her, which is why today we are talking about Ariel style tattoos, Mermaid.

The meaning of a tattoo in the style of the Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid's Story Was Really Told Christian Andersen and was first published in 1836. This tale tells the story of a little mermaid who, at the age of 15, rises to the surface of the sea to look at the world beyond the water. On the surface, he sees a prince on a ship, with which the Little Mermaid falls madly in love. Her love for the prince is so great who once heads to the evil Sea Witch for an exchange: a pair of legs in exchange for her voice. But that's not all: the witch not only cuts her tongue, but also tells her that the walk will be very painful for her and that she can no longer be a mermaid. If the prince, in turn, falls in love with the Little Mermaid and marries her, then she will receive a soul; if the prince marries another, at sunrise on the wedding day, the Little Mermaid will die of a broken heart and dissolve in sea foam.

Thus, so far, the original story told by Andersen matches the one we know from Disney. The ending, however, is quite different.... Since he is unable to speak, the prince's feelings are not sufficiently developed to become love, and he announces a wedding with another girl.

With a broken heart The little mermaid knows that she is doomed, but her sisters offer her an alternative: in exchange for the hair, the Witch gave them a magic dagger. If the Little Mermaid kills the prince with this dagger, she can return to her sea world. Obviously, her love for the prince is too great, and on the wedding day she throws herself into the sea, dissolving in sea foam. But his kind heart is rewarded: instead of dissolving, it becomes creature in the air.

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I Little Mermaid Tattoos hence, they could be a tribute to this not entirely idyllic love story. However, for Disney fans tattoo with ariel it could be a hymn to love that ends up ... always wins!