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Aladdin and Princess Jasmine Inspired Tattoos

Of all the Disney love stories, perhaps the story between Aladdin and Jasmine is one of the most romantic! THE tattoos inspired by Aladdin and Jasmine however, they are associated not only with romance and love, but also with friendship and the importance of staying true to yourself and your friends.

This cartoon, inspired by one of the stories contained in Thousand and One Nights, tells about Aladdin, a miserable boy who survives, a thief here and there; Jasmine, beautiful princess of Agrabah she is amazed at her life in the palace and the Genius, the magical inhabitant of the lamp with the power to grant wishes.

The story is very well known: the very bad Jafar, the grand vizier and adviser to the sultan, wants to usurp the throne and intends to do it with the help of a magic lamp. However, it happens that Aladdin takes possession of him and uses him to temporarily turn into a prince and win the heart of Princess Jasmine.

Un dad with Aladdin and Jasmine it could be just beautiful, without much sense. However, their love story teaches us one thing: they both pretended to be someone they weren't in order to win each other, but they ended up in a lot of trouble as a result. The lesson is this: always be yourself, in love, as in life in general.

Un tattoo with princess jasmine on the contrary, it is a very feminine way to tell something about your character with a very original tattoo. In fact, Jasmine is a beautiful princess, but she also has a pleasant disposition: she is not shy at all, she is a brave girl who wants to defend her opinion and does not allow anyone to intimidate her.

Another very interesting aspect of this cartoon is the friendship theme introduced by Aladdin and Gene Lamps. In fact, the Genius is a kind of "slave" obliged to fulfill the master's desires, and the only way to free him is for the master to spend one of his three desires in his favor.

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Driven by affection for him, Aladdin finally grants the Genius's wish and sacrifices the last of his wishes to free him!

Un genie lamp tattoo it can be an original way to portray the spirit of the dreamer or desire that has always accompanied us and that we would like to see fulfilled.