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Pocahontas style tattoos - photos & ideas

New World, charming John Smith, funny Miko and jealous Hummingbird Fleet: Pocahontas is a Disney cartoon that will fall in love with both young and old! Therefore, it comes as no surprise to find tattoos inspired by the Pocahontas cartoon that offer many interesting ideas and are suitable for our adult life.

An example is the importance of compass (read the article on the meaning of compass tattoos here) and, in a broad sense, the need for Pocahontas to find his own path, but it is the wise Nonna Salis who tells Pocahontas the key phrase: “Your heart knows and you will understand". Another fundamental element of Pocahontas is the wind, which not only reminds her of her mother's spirit, but also leads and accompanies her in the right direction.

Of course, most of all we like the love story of Pocahontas with John Smith, a valiant English explorer who won the heart of a beautiful Indian and almost died at the hands of the tribal leader, Great Powhatan.

Feathers, leaves, compass, friends Miko and Fleet are all elements that instantly resemble a cartoon, as well as the world of the American Indian. Pocahontas herself is also tattooed in the cartoon with a red motif on her arm, which is very suitable for those who want to refer to the character without creating a portrait.

In a word, the Disney movie Pocahontas is really a treasure trove of plots for those who want to create an original tattoo!