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Triquetra tattoos: what are they and what do they mean?


Many people know it as the "trinity knot" or Celtic knot, but its real name is Trikvetra. THE tattoos with Triquetra they are very common and their meaning, besides being quite broad, refers to very ancient Celtic cultures.

What is Triquetra

Before talking about meaning of a tattoo with Triquetra, it would be nice to discuss the appearance of this symbol. The word Triquetra comes from Latin and means “triangle", Or more precisely"three-pointed". It is a symbol belonging to the Germanic-Celtic pagan religions, so much so that it is very similar to roll, the symbol of Odin, but later it was adopted by Christianity.

The meaning of Triquetra

The extensive use of Triquetra can be seen inceltic art... This symbol was never used alone, but was used as a filler and decoration for the main item (usually a religious item). However, it was among Christians that Triquetra acquired one of the meanings that are most often attributed to him: Trinity, One of the better known meanings of the Triquetra symbol in fact, it is a trinity union, that is, a union between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

However, the original meaning of the Triquetra symbol it was a performance the feminine aspect of the Divine: girl, mother and old woman. It is a symbol that symbolizes the strength, strength and ability of women to create.

In northern Europe, Triquetra also appears in runestones.

Years and centuries later the meaning of Triquetra then he took on a different meaning from the original, with particular emphasis on Triquetra design.

Triquetra shape above all endless... If you draw it with a pen, we can go on and on, because it has no beginning and no end. A Thus, a Triquetra tattoo can symbolize eternity., but not only!

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Its three peaks can mean three elements that make up living things: spirit, mind and body.

On the other hand, the innermost spaces created by the central intersection of the Triquetra lines represent the factors that make us happy: joy, peace, love... This interpretation makes The Celtic Triquetra symbol is a symbol of love and perfect balance..

Other uses and meanings of Triquetra

Il triquetra symbol also means love and eternal union. In Ireland, for example, it is customary to give your future bride a pendant or a ring with a triquetra, personifying three promises: love, honor and protection... Unsurprisingly, Triquetra can often be seen alongside claddagh-style tattoos.