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Tattoos with Unalom: meaning and ideas that will inspire you [with PHOTOS]


There are symbols that cross cultures and continents and become super popular trends. This is the case with tattoos with Unalome... What is it and what do unaloms mean? Let's find out together!

Some tattoos are based on cultures and religions, enriching with very deep meaning. THE Unalome tattoos among them: this symbol, which came from the Buddhist religion, has become very popular, and many, both men and women, have tattooed it. The reason for this popularity lies mainly in three factors:

  1. unalom has really accessible, versatile and deep meaning
  2. unalome tattoo very aesthetically pleasing
  3. unalome has an extremely design versatiletherefore it can be tattooed on different parts of the body.

What does Unalome tattoo mean??

What are the most beautiful designs and placements?

Read on to find out! 🙂

1. What does the Unalome symbol mean?

Visually, Unalome is a wavy line with vertical development drawn in a continuous line. It usually consists of one or more spirals, a line that revolves around itself, creating more or less complex patterns and motifs. This symbol of the Buddhist tradition it represents the path that a person walks during his life, harder at the beginning and more linear towards the end. This first part of life, in which each of us tries to orient ourselves, making mistakes and getting up every time, is represented by the most complex part of the structure - a spiral.

Finally, always carefully observing the inside of ourselves and the external that surrounds us, we can see solutions that allow us to get out of the "vicious circle". What is meant by a vicious circle? It could be a wrong way of thinking that we want to fix, a toxic relationship, a past that haunts us, and so on.

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This part of understanding e lighting it is represented by lines that stretch in smaller and smaller spirals until they become a simple straight line. From now on, all you need is del the courage to jump and live life to the fullest, in full enlightenment and understanding of things. Relatively speaking, this phase is represented by the gap between the line and the point at its end.

Be careful though: for Buddhists, awareness is very different from "understanding everything." There true awareness is the recognition that most things are a mystery and therefore they are out of our control... We'll talk more about this later.

2. How Unalome is done

Thus, Unalome mainly consists of three graphic and symbolic elements:

  1. Spiral

    The beginning of the path is the most "confusing". This is the phase that we all have, and we all live in different ways: someone in bewilderment, someone with anger, someone with curiosity, in search of ourselves.

  2. Line зигзаг

    Once you understand the meaning of your life or your path, the road is not completely smooth. Life often offers us difficulties, vices, situations that seem to make it impossible to achieve enlightenment, and instead ...

  3. Straight line

    The straight line represents understanding and awareness. When we understand the meaning of things and the fact that life has tempered us with its experience, everything seems clearer and ... enlightened. It is at this moment that you can fully enjoy life. Often, approaching this state of conscious rest is point or more points at the end of Unalom.

3. Is there a woman Unalome and a man Unalome?

The question may seem curious, because the meaning of Unalome itself seems to be universal and does not depend on gender.

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Personally, I believe that I have not found sufficient and reliable information to confirm with certainty that there is a male and female version of Unalom.

As for other symbols, it is said that right is associated with masculinity (day, strength, masculinity) and left femininity (night, intuition, fertility). As for Unalome, there are several sites on the web wishing to claim that the Unalome with the spiral pointing to the left is female, while the Unalome with the spiral pointing to the right is male.

4. What does it meanlighting in the face of Unalome?

Enlightenment is understanding that life is confusion, mystery and uncertainty.

It is impossible not to live.

Thus, tattoos with Unalome symbols are not only aesthetic, but also their simple and clean design hides a very interesting and deep meaning. Also, since this tattoo has its roots in religious beliefs, an unalom tattoo should be treated seriously and respectfully.

5. What styles are suitable for Unalome tattoos?

Image Source: Pinterest.com and Instagram.com

As we said, Unalome is extremely linear, almost minimal, but it is not unusual to see Unalome symbol tattoo accompanying other more complex tattoos originating from the Buddhist tradition, such as myself tattoos with mandalas  or Lotus flowers.

In addition, since this is a simple design, different options can be applied: there are those who prefer, for example, a round, slightly accentuated spiral, with a longer zigzag line; or vice versa, there are those who prefer a more elongated spiral in the shape of an eye and a very long and tapering end line (as in the photo on the side).

The choice of style is determined by:

  • your aesthetic taste: You can choose the shape and size of your unalom simply based on the design
  • the value you want to assign to it: As mentioned above, each unalom trait has a very specific meaning, so you can choose different sizes and shapes for each element depending on your experience or life path.
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6. What is the best way to place a tattoo with Unal?

About AccommodationUnalome symbol tattoos can be done in very small sizeto adapt to even the most prominent points of the body such as hands, neck, wrists or ankles. The symmetry of the pattern also allows for larger tattoos, but its drawing is especially graceful and sophisticated for small tattoos.

For example, Unalome is the perfect design for tattooing on the chest or back, on the side of the wrist, or behind the ear.

But be careful not to ask for a tattoo that is too small: an unattractive design consists of lines that, if they get too close and over time, can fade and lose clarity. Result: a black speck.

Well, now that you know everything, really everything, about Unalom's tattoos, I just need to say goodbye: namaste.

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