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Татуировки с треугольниками: что они значат и фото для вдохновения

A triangle is a unique geometric figure: it has the smallest number of sides (there is no closed figure with two sides) and it is impossible to draw diagonals inside it, it is also an "undeformable" figure. THE tattoo with triangles they may seem simple, but their meaning can be surprisingly interesting.

In recent years, in the world of tattoos, as well as in the world of jewelry (which often share the same influences), triangles have enjoyed increasing success. Riding the wave of minimalism and miniature tattoos triangle tattoo they are becoming more and more popular, but not only because of their irreplaceable and minimalist aesthetics.

That the meaning of a tattoo with triangles? First of all, we cannot talk about the meaning of a triangle without mentioning one of its fundamental aspects: its three sides.

The number 3 itself already represents a multitude of things. Three is the ideal number because it actually relates to many aspects of everyday life, religious and mystical. For example, 3 dimensions of time: past, present and future. Birth, life and death. Three is the number underlying the trinity concept. For Christians, the Trinity consists of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, but there are other trinities such as mind, body, and spirit; mother, father and son; creation, preservation and destruction and so on. Triquetra Tattoos (also called the knot of the Trinity), for example, take part of their meaning from the number three and the triangular shape.

Curiosity about the number three: 3 is amount of luck According to Chinese culture, because its pronunciation is very close to the word "alive", unlike the four, whose pronunciation instead resembles the word "death".

So, given that the # 1 characteristic of triangles is that they have three sides, an in-depth study of the meaning of the number three can provide many ideas to enrich them. triangle tattoo meaning.

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In addition to these aspects, the downward-facing triangle is also considered a symbol of femininity, lunar phases and fertility. Conversely, an upward-facing triangle tattoo represents masculinity, fire and solar activity.

Un triangle tattoo It can also be an original and discreet design for a pair tattoo. Apart from being able to draw a downward-facing triangle for a woman and an upward-facing one for a man, it is not unusual to use a hollow triangle (outline only) for a woman and a solid triangle (filled with color) for a man. ...

Last but not least, another meaning of triangle tattoos can be to strive for a certain direction. The triangle may actually be a stylization of an arrow tattoo that we know has a strong correlation with the pursuit and pursuit of happiness and completeness.