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Tattoos with Tinkerbell, Peter Pan's little fairytale friend!

This is a tiny golden-haired fairy, in love and jealous, lost with her dear friend Peter. You probably already know this: we are talking about Tinkerbell, Campanellino in Italian or in English. Tinker Bell! I Tinkerbell tattoos they are not particularly rare, many people choose Tinker Bell for a fairy tattoo, or because of the special characteristics of this fictional character.

Peter Pan's fairytale little friend Tinker Bell is a character coined by James Matthew Barry who, in the original Peter and Wendy story, knew how to fix pots and pans (Tinker in English means really giant). Tinker Bell also has no voice, but is expressed in a sound similar to the ringing of a small bell, which only those who know the fairy language can understand. However, the main characteristic of Tinker is her incredible jealousy of Peter, which sometimes makes her act unfairly towards her “rival” Wendy. Tinker Bell is a very positive character in the affairs of Peter Pan, but his impermanence they sometimes make her be vengeful, and the next moment charming. This is because the heart of fairies is so small that it can hold only one feeling at a time!

Un Tattoo Tinker Bell so it could mean that we, like her, tend to be caught up in feelings, both positive and negative, because they are so great that we cannot fit them all together in our hearts. A miniature character by nature, Tinkerbell could be a very suitable design for tattoo behind the ear, on the wrist, or other small areas.