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Tattoos with Latin letters: photo and meaning

Sometimes it happens that we have a concept, a thought that represents us and summarizes our life, and we would like to turn it into a tattoo. There is nothing more personal than a tattoo with an inscription that represents us, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the shape, the font, and often even the correct language.

I tattoos with latin letters so they could be one of the solutions to this mystery. Because? This ancient language not only uses the letters of our alphabet, making it readable and recognizable to most, but also uses harmonious sounds and syntax.

Let's face it, we all hated Latin in high school and we often said, “Why learn Latin ?! It's a dead language! ". This is half true because Latin is actually the root of our language, but choosing to use Latin for our tattoo is worth much more. Latin, for example, together and perhaps more than Greek, recognized as language of the wise... In addition to this aspect, Latin is often capable of capturing huge and very clearly articulated concepts and meanings in a few words, which makes it ideal if we have an idea in mind, but do not want to have a Bible tattooed on us to make it explicit.

Like all lettering tattoos, even Latin tattoos can be done in different fonts. We could even decide if the tattoo is a dedication, use the handwriting of a loved one or why not, even ours.

So, here are some examples of Latin phrases and proverbs that might inspire or suit you:

  • Homo faber fortunae suae Man is the architect of his own destiny
  • Quod non potest diabolus mulier evincit = What the devil cannot, a woman gets
  • Non est ad astra mollis e terris via = There is no easy way from earth to the stars
  • He flies on his own wings = lei flies with les su
  • Per aspera ad astra = To the stars through difficulties
  • Anyone who evades the sentence confesses to the crime. Chi sfugge ad un processo confessa la propria colpa
  • Omnia munda mundis = All are pure for the pure
  • Veni vidi vici = I came, I saw, I won (I won)
  • Orietur in tenebris lux tua = Your light will be born in the midst of darkness.
  • Cogito ergo sum = I think therefore I
  • Amor caecus = Love is blind
  • Love begets love = Love begets love
  • Omnia fert aetas = Time takes everything
  • Always faithful = Always faithful
  • Invictus = invincible, indomitable
  • Here and now = pray from here
  • Carpe Diem = Seize the day
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